The secret of aging, what are the signs of premature aging in women?

 Every woman is afraid of old age and wants to have lasting youth and beauty. In order to save their youth, those aging women are always desperately using various cosmetics to cover up the traces left by the years. They don’t even want others to mention the abhorrent word “old” in front of them, even if it is only a metaphor for that word.

So what exactly is aging? How is aging caused? What does good skin look like? What kind of unspeakable sadness does aging bring to women?

1. Thickening of the skin

Skin aging is a normal physiological phenomenon. From our birth. The phenomenon of skin aging has always existed. There are many reasons for it, including physiological and external environment and other factors. For a long time, the skin has been the focus of women’s attention, and plumpness, softness and radiance are its appearance characteristics. However, as we age, connective tissue becomes thinner, cells become looser, and metabolism and regeneration become less powerful, all of which can cause skin to lose its plump appearance and dull color. As the stratum corneum becomes thick and fragile, the surface of the skin becomes dry, and fine lines and sagging appear.

Therefore, when you stay up late and work overtime, pay attention to the condition of your skin. If there are spots on the cheeks, it may indicate that your liver function is partially damaged, and it may also indicate many gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, mastitis, breast lobular hyperplasia, and cervicitis.

2. Frequent headaches

Headache is one of the most common symptoms, and it involves every system in the body. Especially in neurological diseases, the etiology is very complex and the incidence rate is high. Almost 90% of people in the population have headache attacks in their lifetime. Some people say that headaches are the second most common disease after colds. In fact, headache is a symptom, not a disease. If you have frequent headaches, throbbing and throbbing, or if something seems to wrap around your head, cramping, and accompanied by dizziness, it may be due to overuse of your eyes at work, prolonged focus on screens, sleep Caused by factors such as insufficiency and stress. In addition, poor posture, stressful work rhythms, and too much sleep can also trigger headaches.

When you have a headache, remember not to take painkillers indiscriminately, because painkillers will only dull your nerves’ sense of pain, but will not solve the underlying problem. You can try relaxing your mind and body, closing your eyes every now and then or doing some simple stretches outside. You can also open the windows to let the indoor air circulate. Or leave your desk and put on your headphones to listen to music.

3. Increased hair loss

When we brush our hair every day, some hair falls out, which is a normal metabolic phenomenon. In early spring and late autumn, due to the secretion of hormones, it is not easy for women to maintain a balance in their physiological conditions, and sometimes it is normal to lose hundreds of hairs a day. But if these are not the case, and the hair loss is far greater than this, it should be taken seriously.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when the kidney qi is prosperous, the hair is prosperous. The most prosperous period of the female kidney qi is around the age of 21. After the age of 25, it begins to decline gradually, and the hair is no longer shiny and feels dry and astringent. significantly more than before. Generally speaking, the main reasons for female hair loss are as follows:

 1. Since the body secretes a large amount of female hormones during pregnancy, the hair has sufficient growth hormone. After giving birth, due to the sudden decrease in hormone secretion, the hair will naturally fall off in large quantities, but this phenomenon will return to normal in about 6 months postpartum.
2. High fever will damage the hair root tissue and cause a lot of hair loss, especially if the high fever continues, the damage to the hair root is particularly severe. However, such hair loss generally returns to normal after about 6 months.
3. The accelerated pace of life in modern society and the fierce competition make people bear increasingly heavy pressure. Stress is not only closely related to hair loss, but also accelerates aging and increases wrinkles.
4. Blind diet to lose weight will make the hair lack sufficient nutritional supply. If the hair lacks iron intake, it will be dull and dull, and finally lead to a lot of hair loss.
5. Women who take contraceptives for a long time will also experience hair loss, but once they stop taking the pill, the symptoms of hair loss will disappear.
6. Frequent perming and bleaching will cause damage to the hair and even fall off.
7. Hairstyles that are too tight in ponytails, croissants, and twists, as well as tying the hair into tight, curly bands, can damage the roots and cause hair loss.

4.The ligaments are fragile

A ligament is a band of connective tissue. Tough and elastic, it can connect bones together, and can fix the position of certain organs such as liver, spleen, kidney, etc. The function of ligaments is to strengthen the joint, maintain the stability of the joint during movement and limit its movement beyond the physiological range. Injury occurs when a ligament is stretched beyond its tolerance due to violence, resulting in non-physiological activity. Compared with men, because women’s wide hips make the knee and ankle ligaments bear greater force, and women’s ligaments are inherently weaker than men’s, women are more likely to strain the ligaments of knee, ankle and other joints. Once a ligament is pulled, it can take several months to heal.

To prevent ligament damage, you can do some general stretching exercises after getting up every day to moderately move tendons, ligaments and joints. At the same time, because women are less adaptable in high-intensity activities. It is easy to cause muscle strain and ligament strain, so make preparations before exercising, and choose a variety of exercises that focus on leg activities. Sports such as badminton, swimming, and aerobics. It can enhance the bounce of the legs, enhance the flexibility of the muscles and ligaments, and also make the legs slender.

5.Breast relaxation Bian Shan

Now, people’s awareness of breast fitness is beginning to awaken. It is believed that plump and normal breasts are a unique symbol of female beauty and an important symbol of female charm. Once the breasts are sagging and sagging, some women who love beauty will feel inferior.

Women’s breasts start to develop around the age of 10 and gradually become larger, and become the largest during the postpartum lactation period. After breastfeeding, they begin to shrink slowly and sag. The degree of shrinkage and sagging will further aggravate in middle-aged and old age.

Causes of sagging breasts include weight loss, breastfeeding, and decreased sex hormone levels. Generally, after the age of 30, the human body begins to age as a whole. At this time, breast atrophy and sagging is also one of the manifestations of human aging.
Aging is a natural law. For women, the most memorable time may be the time when the first wrinkle appeared on the face, without seriously thinking about when the body is aging step by step. Well, as a woman, you should understand.

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