The role of sex in love

The woman said: “Women are infatuated, men are infatuated. It is women who are hurt! No matter how tired a man is, it can’t compare to the pain of women being hurt by love. Infatuation is always hurt by love, and infatuation is only hurt by love. Indiscriminate love hurts women, women are infatuated, and it hurts women.”

The man said: “Men run around and get tired because of women, and women don’t understand men’s hard work! Men are good, women are afraid of distraction, and they supervise men when they are suspicious. Men are stupid, and women hurt men when they complain. Men don’t care. Mix well, mix bad! It’s all in pain!

In fact, men and women are always dependent on each other and need each other. Women need men to be romantic and concerned about themselves; men need women’s tenderness. Often in real life, men and women are not proactive enough for each other’s needs, or they just don’t stick to the initiative.

For example, a man came home one day and bought a bunch of flowers for a woman, but the woman said what are you doing, old husband and wife? Men will be disheartened and feel uninterested in asking for themselves! At this time, if the woman is very excited! It’s so nice to say darling! Affirmation and gratitude for a man’s romance.

Another example is one day when a man comes home and a woman takes the initiative to show tenderness and affection, but the man says, old husband and wife, what are you doing wrong? Women are even more unhappy. Thinking back on whether you dislike me, if a man is very excited at this time! Say darling, I really miss you! Enthusiastic acceptance of women’s tenderness, making women feel important! Beautiful love is in your arms!

Therefore, both men and women need each other’s respect and affirmation. A man affirms a woman, and a woman will insist on gentleness! A woman affirms a man, and a man will continue the romance. The combination of romance and tenderness is the expression of true love.

The relationship between a man and a woman is so good that they need each other to a certain extent, which is each other’s love. It’s sex! The specific form of expression is making love! In the process of love, the needs of women and men are different. Women and men like each other’s initiative, therefore, the active love of both parties is the great and sacred love!

About sex Now there is scientific proof that men can achieve orgasm after ejaculation during sex! The conditions for women to achieve pleasure are more complicated. Women don’t orgasm every time during sex. It is believed that there is a time difference between men and women having an orgasm during sex. The actual performance is that the older the age, the more obvious the difference is. Therefore, the older a woman is, the more active she must be for her own sexual well-being. If a woman does not have an orgasm for a long time and is not satisfied, she will be cold to a man! Men will also lose confidence because they cannot satisfy women. Impotence and premature ejaculation appear! Can not meet the needs of women!

In the process of sex, women must appreciate the skills of men! Encourage able men!

However, when a good couple reaches a certain age, women always say that men are no good and useless. Don’t encourage men but complain about men. It’s about who is not as good as others, and so on…

But many women are also envious of old couples in their 80s and 90s, who respect and love each other like young people. At the same time, he will say: “I can’t do it at this age.” Why can’t I do it? Why can people do it? It is the result of people taking their own happiness very seriously and working hard all the time! Why can’t we do it? It is the result of us not paying attention to our own happiness and pretending to be arrogant!

So, women are very important and great in sex!

Men understand women’s needs, which means they understand women. Women understand to appreciate and encourage men. That is to say, understand the man. The most misunderstood emotion. Love can beget love! Love and hate at the same time! There are many people who have died for love for thousands of years. There are too many betrayal of parents and relatives for love. But what is true love?

Love is a man satisfying a woman. Women appreciate men and encourage men. Women are like flowers! Heart flowers should always be in full bloom! Men are like guardians of flowers! Moisturize beautiful flowers with rain and dew! The flower will reward the messenger with its own fragrance and beauty!

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