The right or wrong of thongs

In my impression, thongs seem to have appeared in European and American countries in the 1990s. I don’t know when they appeared in our country. I can’t remember when I started buying thongs. Remember to feel so sexy wearing it.

I wore thongs out of curiosity and wanted to try wearing them, so I bought one. I look good in white and any color, but I like red and blue. I bought one at the time. Red.

Like a thin transparent gauze, it only blocked the private parts in front, and there was a thin belt behind, strangling my butt groove. When the body twisted, the belt rubbed against the butt groove, which made me have a strange feeling. The front is even more sexy. A small amount of pubic hair is revealed from behind the thin gauze. I feel that way when I look at it. I really don’t know what a man will do when he sees it? After wearing it for a day, I felt that my private parts and the back butt groove were rubbed badly, and it felt too tight, but I still felt that I was wearing it well, but when I came back from get off work, I had to change into looser underwear, that is, ordinary underwear. The bottom is comfortable and comfortable, otherwise it will be uncomfortable.

It is not difficult to buy thongs from the market now. It is a very common and normal thing, but I think it is better not to wear thongs for too long, otherwise it will be uncomfortable. In addition, if you wear thongs during the day, you must go home after get off work. To change to ordinary underwear, it is very important to make our women’s private parts comfortable. After all, our women’s private parts should be kept clean, ventilated and dry.

Some people think of sex and immorality when they mention thongs, but that’s not the case. We usually wear thongs so that we can’t see the traces of our underwear from the back. This is the first; second, I think wearing thongs Thongs are more convenient to exercise; third, I think wearing thongs can make me more sexy, especially when I am in love with him, it adds a lot of fun. But there are also some problems in wearing thongs. For example, because the thongs are tightly attached to the skin, especially close to the private parts of our women, it is easy to cause vaginitis and skin allergies, and because they are attached closely to the back court, it is easy to cause hemorrhoids. , and so on, so when we wear thongs, we should pay attention to changing them every day, keep our private parts and backyard clean, and pay special attention not to wear them for too long to avoid discomfort. If you wear them during the day and come home from get off work at night, you must replace them with ordinary underwear.

Well, I hope everyone can make themselves more sexy and beautiful, and don’t forget about health while enjoying life.

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