The psychology of women’s love

As the saying goes, a woman has a needle in the bottom of the sea. That’s right, women’s hearts change a lot, which makes people unpredictable, making most male suitors unable to start, miss the reality, give up halfway, return without success, and fall short of success. Below, I will analyze the psychological flavor and objective issues of women, so that men can enhance their ability to decipher women’s hearts.

1. Express your mind directly

For a rational woman, if you talk about Taoism, it is better to express your love directly. A woman who pursues a rational type must first attract her with a strong love magic, take the lead in a bold way, or express her heart directly. Victory over reason with emotion is the intellectual way to pursue a rational woman. Because, generally speaking, rational women give people a sense of intimidation with their resourceful temperament, and magnanimous men are often detached. Rational women have less time to accept love, and they are more aware of the retention of love when they are loved.

2. Be considerate

For an introverted woman, if she wants to pursue it, she can show consideration and compassion, so that she can talk patiently when her motivation arises, and describe the time for her to express her feelings. Because, introverted girls usually don’t like to show their feelings, they are very patient because of the details, so that they have a strong burst of feelings. If you can balance and reconcile her heart, you’ll slowly become her conversation partner and lover.

3. Be smart

Instead of pursuing a woman with strong self-love, you should cleverly leave room when she is rejected, give her indulgence in self-love, and then take advantage of the change in her sincere attitude, seize the opportunity to conceal and reveal small meanings, and often receive miraculous results. This is because women with strong self-love are often very confident in their physical appearance, and when there is a suitor, they often treat them with indifference. It is precisely because of this that their novelty and care are left to the memory of others. After rejecting a suitor, they usually review their sensibilities. The feelings that were beyond the senses gradually cooled and cooled down, and a kind of anxiety emerged spontaneously in their hearts. They will think that, if it is true that it turns out that it is too unrighteous, they will be regarded by their opponents as too cruel and bad upbringing. This is what they are very attentive and very reluctant to listen to, and this anxiety makes them weigh the pros and cons, resulting in a willingness to re-evaluate their suitors. And now, it is also a great time for the suitors to express themselves. Don’t miss the reality.

4. With static braking

Sometimes, a woman doesn’t pay attention to your appearance, but she is full of sincere resistance at the opportunity, because repeated rejection will make the suitor detached and confused, and you will experience the feeling of being alone in an empty boudoir. And if you chase too hard, a woman’s \\\”protective instinct\\\\” will reject you. This is also a woman’s mentality of winning, unwilling to admit defeat, and curiosity. As long as you can grasp this kind of psychology of women and control the rhythm of chasing well, you will surely be able to hunt your heart and complete auspicious love.

5. Straight to the point

Most women prefer public exposure. Although they will be a little disdainful of open exposure on the first date, they will feel that such a man is full of charm, and it is difficult to refuse the straight-to-the-point exposure. On the contrary, they may not like the kind of men who talk round the corners, hide their heads and show their tails, hold back their words, and are too reserved. Therefore, when a man invites a woman, his tone should be open, and his opponent is not welcome. She may not understand the hint, or find another reason to refuse. If you are silent with her opponent, you can infer that she will not refuse your invitation. . At the same time, you also need to let her know that it is \\\”because there is no reason to refuse to go to the appointment \\\”, doing so can make her feel comfortable, she is not an easy-going girl, just because you are struggling At the request of her, she went to the appointment.

6. Sidekick

Women have a kind of psychological protection instinct, and they often use language and posturing to guess the intention of the other party. If a man pretends to be wise and speaks out what a woman has in mind, it will often cause boredom. Therefore, when chasing a woman, you must control the art of speech, observe words and expressions, speak indirectly, and control the proportions accurately.

7. suave and calm

Women have a natural instinct for self-defense, and they are wary of men. They have no preference for the following two types of men, one is those who are dumb and taciturn in front of women, and the other is those who are empty-talking, sweet-talking, and exaggerated in front of women. Both types of people are not natural. Therefore, men should maintain the suave, calm, sincere and natural essence, and use sincerity + sincerity + talent to eliminate women’s defensive psychology and win women’s hearts.

8. Straightforward self-improvement

Women are eager to find a safe haven through marriage. They prefer men who are resolute, strong, enthusiastic, radiant, and courageous to do their jobs, but have a grudge against men who are timid, erratic, and indecisive. Therefore, men should fully and truly display the wisdom and intelligence of men in front of women.

9. Breaking the rules

Generally speaking, girls’ lives are straightforward, and they have a strong desire for change, hoping to breed some unexpected things to add some changes to their lives. Therefore, they do not prefer old-fashioned, conventional men. Of course, before you can grasp the women’s psychology of seeking stimulation and change, you must first make them rationally believe that your style is stable, and then use your talents to break the routine, open up new ideas, and make it full of life and interest. Otherwise, you will be ugly and ugly, and women will have a memory of you with a superficial attitude and a procrastinating style.

10. Introductory roles

The emotions of the speaker can slander the listener. After experiencing this psychology, I experienced one of the ways to move a woman’s heart, which is to pass by the words with superb skills. When chatting with a woman, you should always reveal your high opinion on the matter, reduce the subjective color in the narrative, and increase her concern for the matter you are talking about. Therefore, when a man speaks to a woman, he must first enter the role, occupy the pleasure, mix his personal emotional likes and dislikes on the subjective consciousness, and create a speech atmosphere with enthusiasm. Remember not to endure sincere feelings and quench the fire of enthusiasm. Capture a woman’s heart, everything is at your fingertips.

11. Infatuation is comparable to the order spirit

Women prefer sincere sympathy and attentiveness, but they will have a kind of \\\”bad intentions\\\”, \\\”don’t have any intentions\\\” for men who are too attentive. Therefore, a good way for Kaifeng women’s hearts is to be kind and sincere. Women’s mentality is varied and intertwined. In fact, the world does not have a master key to solve the mystery of women.

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