The psychology of men’s love

1. It is easy for a man to like a woman, but it is not easy to love a woman deeply.

2. In the realm of emotions, men are definitely ignorant. As long as a woman is willing to flatter, he will agree to anything.

3. Men generally like women who are gentle in appearance, and would rather spend their energy on career or other places than use it all to conquer women.

4. A man will choose love with a very rational attitude, even if he loves a person emotionally, but when he knows that she is not a good wife, he will give up her and find another suitable home life. A man thinks that love and marriage are two different things. Many times, he delays getting married because he thinks the woman around him is not the good wife he imagined.

5. There are not many men who know how to appreciate smart women. With them, men always feel insecure.

6. The types of women that men recognize as unbearable include: moody, profligate, unwilling to say anything regardless of time, place, situation, and the most unbearable: not giving a man face, mocking and laughing at him in front of others.

7. When a woman he likes is present, a man will behave as follows: talk a lot; appear smarter; be more generous than usual; bring the topic up to success, deliberately reveal the kindness that is rarely seen in ordinary times; Funny jokes make everyone (actually the main target is her) laugh.

8. In love, women like to say goodbye. Nine times out of ten, men will take it seriously and surrender quickly. But after listening too much, they will be numb and re-evaluate the value of women in his heart.

9. A man is the incarnation of a big man and a small man at the same time; as a big man, he hopes that women will completely accommodate him and reassure him; as a small man, he is aware of his weak and incompetent side, and needs the warmth of motherhood when he is indecisive. and guidelines. Even if he knew his destiny, he was still a child. The ultimate woman is nothing more than a comprehensive incarnation of mother, partner, lover, nanny, daughter, friend, fan, and buddy

10. When a man pursues a woman, he is willing to give up all his freedom, and he realizes the importance of feeling more and more freedom.

11. A man hides a hunting mentality in his heart. He hunts and tames her when he gets it, so that she becomes a good animal that can be raised at home.

12. Men have the arrogance of being a hero, so it is easy to fall in love with a woman who complains to him.

13. In a SEX relationship, a woman needs a man to tell him that he is willing to sacrifice anything for her, while a man needs a woman to tell him that he is very capable.

14. A man’s self-righteous passion is often an uncompromising blessing in the eyes of a woman.

15. In the bottom of a man’s heart, the degree of intimacy is the degree to which the romance with a woman develops

16. Every once in a while, men have a few days when their emotions and physical strength fall to the bottom (similar to women’s physiological cycle), do not want to see anyone (including favorite people), hide and flip through books, listen to music, Watching a video or even playing computer games, playing mahjong, drinking alcohol, or wandering alone to vent.

17. Men who have been in love know that; women can’t help cheating, similar to: “I will love you forever” I will always love you like now “Whenever you need me, I will call you right away” I will never love another person like I love you again.

18. A woman cares about her boyfriend’s former girlfriend, but a man cares about what kind of boyfriend a woman will find after leaving him. If he is still friends after a breakup, he will criticize her boyfriend from time to time.

19. A man falls in love, rarely asks about her past, and doesn’t care much about what kind of man she has been in a relationship with, because men pay more attention to a woman’s appearance—the appearance is now.

20. Men don’t want to listen to their sweetheart’s old relationship, because it is unbearable to think that the person they love has had skin-to-skin relationship with other men before.

21. A man is easily attracted to a woman, but he can tell which desire is sex or love, and he probably knows what he can get from her.

22. A woman’s initiative to show her love, for a man, the only loss is to shorten the hazy, vague romantic days.

23. Many men have two super darlings they never want a woman to touch: dreams and love. And women always want men to touch these two things.

24. Men are afraid of getting married—in fact, what they are really afraid of is not marriage, but the cumbersome process of weddings and the picky requirements of women.

25. Many men fall in love with a woman at first sight with a simple and ulterior motive; they want to have sex with her when they first see her. Just to get them, they laboriously accompany them to play the romantic games that women like first.

26. Men are dragging their feet on the issue of breaking up, in fact, they want to leave the problem of leaving and staying to women, so as to reduce the guilt caused by their decision.

27. Men’s “future” is 6 months to 1 year, and women’s definition can be 10 to 50 years. When a man falls in love with a woman, he can only imagine how to develop intimacy with her in the short future; women fantasize about falling in love, getting married, having children and even how to grow old.

28. Men are basically gadgets, and generosity is pretended. On the surface, they are informal, but in fact, like women, they calculate clearly.

29. Women are more likely to confess their thoughts, while men are the opposite. When they encounter troubles, when they talk to individual friends, they will not say it completely, and always save the last bit of face for themselves. Men’s confidants are packaged or deliberately chopped up so that no one knows the whole thing. That’s why it’s hard for women to understand men – they simply don’t want to be fully understood.

30. A man can fall in love with two women at the same time, but it is difficult for him to tell which one he likes more. But women at this point, it is easy to distinguish.

31. A man wants to change his mind, in fact, it has nothing to do with whether a woman pays attention to maintaining a beautiful appearance, that is just one of his excuses. When he was tired of a woman, no matter how beautiful she was, he felt more attractive than any woman other than her.

32. Silence—is the most effective weapon against women in the quarrel summed up by men.

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