The perfect girlfriend in the eyes of a man

Men are selfish.

As a woman, you must take this sentence as your life motto, just like “there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women”, and keep it in your heart.

Ok, when you know that “men are selfish”, don’t say it in public, not even your best friend. What you should do is how to master the “selfish” characteristics of a man and be a shrewd woman who protects herself and confuses him. Please don’t doubt the charm of the word “shrewd”. Let’s take a look at the two sisters of Taiwan and Taiwan. Their “smart” reputation among women has spread to the other side of the ocean.

When I’m drinking coffee on the streets of New York, flipping through the new issue of fashion magazines boredly, those familiar faces, those boring guides on how to be pretty and how to break into America’s upper echelon… I don’t deny that these teach girls to be beautiful. Pretty and money-loving magazines have their advantages, but only if you have the strength to do what they say.

There is a popular saying in China: a girl who does well is worse than marrying well. Girls are younger and can choose their favorite boyfriends at will, but gradually, with age, how should I choose my ideal other half?

Older, Brad. Pitt was chained by Julie, Tommy married one after another, and Beckham had a strong Beckham. The younger, the Elf Prince Orlando, who fascinated millions of girls crazy. Bloom has also been married, and the remaining British nobleman, Jude Law, is also a married man, and the children are born one after another… What do you do?

If you are still dreaming of a girly dream that will never come true, you might as well spend more time and effort to turn yourself into another Marilyn with the least cost and time. Monroe or Lin Chiling.

What does a super-perfect girlfriend look like in the eyes of a man?

The first is appearance, there is no denying it.

Men are carnivores and pay attention to the first sight. Which girl doesn’t dream of Prince Charming, and the same goes for men. It’s just a dream and a reality. Otherwise, how could the popularity of model porn stars be so high?

However, you will also say that not every woman is born a stunner, 36’s breasts and sexy lips, if not God’s partiality, or “nurture” the day after tomorrow. Please note that this is just your wishful thinking, men love glamorous sexy girls, but more early adopters. A selfish man loves to play, but he will not bring home a playful woman. First of all, he must choose his girlfriend carefully in terms of appearance.

I did a survey, what kind of girlfriends do men like? The answer you get will surprise you as a girl, and even hide a little bit of joy in your heart – it turns out that love is not what you think, and the man in love is not what you think!

fair skin

White and tender skin is flattering at all times, because it looks easy to approach, and men think that fair skin is usually tender, so it is right to say that whiteness covers all ugliness.

smile lips

 little cherry mouth? Sexy thick lips? Or angular lips look good? That’s not really the point. Men sometimes rely on their feelings. A mouth with a smile looks good no matter how you look at it.

long soft hair

Men always like their girlfriends to have long flowing hair, and silky straight hair will make men feel that you are more gentle and ladylike!

Flowy skirt

Men like their girlfriends to wear flowing skirts, they feel like a girl, neat and tidy. Most men don’t appreciate wrinkled clothes, and you, don’t be unconventional.

clean nails

Although manicures are popular, men still prefer their girlfriends to have natural, clean and neat nails. Maybe they are afraid that if they irritate their girlfriends, they will be caught by her long nails.

high-heeled lady

Men think that women who wear high heels are ladies. Although they like a lover like a little wild cat in their hearts, it is better for a real girlfriend to walk gracefully in high heels. But if the woman is taller than him in high heels, he will be very aggrieved.

teary eyes

The watery, talking big eyes are particularly lovable, and there is a feeling of being a little bird. On the contrary, even if you have a pair of big eyes, your sharp eyes will give men a sense of oppression that is not easy to approach.

light makeup

Men don’t like to kiss with a red lip full of lip gloss (maybe for fear of turning around and dating and being laughed at by other girlfriends), and light makeup makes it easier for them to see your true face.

Delicate body fragrance

Men will feel very comfortable holding their girlfriend’s fragrant body, but refuse the strong and pungent fragrance, otherwise it will go against their image of a super-perfect girlfriend.

uniform body

Men like girls with big breasts? Let me tell you, breasts are not popular these days. They like their girlfriends to be well-proportioned, and don’t be overweight, and being skinny can turn them off. The point is that you have what men don’t have, that is, the so-called chest, waist and hips, but don’t be too exaggerated, as long as you have it.

slender limbs

Men naturally like women with slender limbs, but thick calves are a nightmare for them. If they can, they will try to avoid making thick-legged girls their girlfriends. However, many girls now have developed limbs, and men have to obey obediently.

——The above is the ideal shape of a perfect girlfriend that more than 80% of men agree with after a survey.

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