The most popular “fashion” sex among young people

Many young couples are so busy these days that they don’t have time to fall in love at all. If this continues for a long time, it will be detrimental to the sexual health of both parties. Experts have said that it is necessary to change patterns frequently during sex, so that not only physical and mental pleasure, but also sexual quality can be improved. Wondering what sex tricks can make each other hotter?

Write her name on her body

Women like men calling their names. The more specific the way you use her name, the better, eg: call her name in the middle of a sentence, write her name on your shoulder, on your hand – anywhere she can see it. It’s a painless tattoo that actually brings joy. It will make her happy and she will feel that you care about her.

Send a love card

Putting a bunch of flowers in the office is a bit outdated. If you want something special, send a card. This ingenious thought makes your partner want you even when it’s not sexual. Start with a “thank you card” with details you’ve never had a chance to thank her for — making you breakfast on Sunday mornings, cleaning up your beard stubble in the sink. The woman who gets your compliments during the day will also give you back at night.

Leave notes in every corner of the room

Leave notes of love in many places in the room: on the refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, under her pillow. These overly sweet actions may make you feel contrived, sour, and fake. But for a man who is really in love, many of his actions have lost too much rational reference value, and most importantly, she will think you are like a lovesick teenager.

Help her groom her body

Grooming a woman is a reverse act, she will feel embellished and served, and it will also make her feel that there is a part of her body that attracts you. Other ways: Shave her feet, apply toe oil, wash her hair. According to a foreign online survey, 76% of men have washed their partner’s hair.

Caress her with juice

Movies are good love textbooks, and you can learn a lot of fun and rewarding methods from them, such as playing wacky games with chocolate sauce and cream. Another way is to turn her into a juicer – the best sex food is fruit juice, you can touch her body with mango or papaya juice and lick her clean with the juice. Make you all sticky, and then the mandarin duck bath can enter another realm.

Give her some "alternative massage"

It’s a cliché, and it seems like everyone does, but here’s the fun way: roll a can of cold drink down her thighs when it’s hot, and microwave a bar when it’s cold The towel was hot and used to massage her. Put some salt on her belly and lick it off slowly.

Gently bind her

Bundling has its own appeal: it increases the excitement of those involved. But those chains, ropes, etc. might scare her (and us), so try this method: wrap her body in a large towel so her hands can’t move, and then caress The exposed parts: head, shoulders, feet, this is simpler, more natural and easier to accept than binding.

Freeze the grapes and slowly tease

Simple stroking requires the partner to devote themselves to feeling, and for the stroking party, changing the stroking technique and increasing the stroking pattern can greatly deepen the other party’s feeling. For example, stimulate her senses with something cool to play with – freeze a handful of grapes for 20 minutes, place them in rows around her neck, breasts and thighs while using them, and chew them slowly .

In addition to the above skills, you can also try changing condoms, such as Durex bump-thread cooling condoms, wavy bumps, with mint-flavored cooling lubricants, which can stimulate the hearts of both lovers and make them more sexual. exuberant!

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