The most disgusting details of women in men

Men are often disliked by women, and the most important thing is hygiene. Even if you’re in a relationship or married, there’s a good chance you’ll become a bachelor because of these little details. Therefore, men must get rid of these bad habits!

blackheads on nose

Men’s skin is more prone to oil, and the pores are much larger than women’s, which also leads to men more prone to blackheads than women. One-third of women think men don’t pay enough attention to their skin condition, making them uncomfortable when intimate.

How to remove blackheads: The reason for the formation of blackheads is that the pores are blocked, so be sure to do a good job of cleaning to prevent more sensitive pores from being blocked. You can use a salicylic acid cleanser with a weekly clay mask to purify and remove excess skin cells and fight blackheads.

A mouthful of rhubarb teeth

Women think that different yellow and white teeth are more unbearable than uniform yellowish teeth, which makes women reluctant to kiss. Moreover, with a mouthful of rhubarb teeth, dining with you will also be uncomfortable!

How to whiten your teeth: Regularly scaling your teeth and mastering the correct brushing method can effectively whiten your teeth.

bad breath in the mouth

Bad breath not only affects communication, but also affects sexuality! Some surveys have pointed out that women are more sensitive to odor perception than men, and this special sensitivity of women makes women pay more attention to the tone of men.

How to improve bad breath: Studies have shown that the tongue is full of bacteria, brushing the tongue can reduce the volatile sulfide in the mouth by 40%, a better method is to use a tongue scraper, which will reduce the volatile sulfide in the mouth to 75% %. Therefore, if you want to improve bad breath, you must first start with the tongue. After brushing your teeth every day, you can gently brush off the tongue coating to make your breath fresher!

greasy hair

Men’s hair care is limited to what they can see. Three out of five women believe that messy neck hair can lead to decreased libido.

How to improve oily hair: Wash your hair frequently, and you can blow it out after washing your hair, which will make you feel more refreshed.

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