The more you love, the more timid

The wife was pregnant for ten months, and it was finally her due date. For safety and convenience, I put my wife in the hospital. However, a week later, the wife still has no sign of labor. The doctor said that 7 days have passed since the due date, so they can’t wait any longer.

The more I love, the more timid I am. Early in the morning, I was called by the doctor for a preoperative talk. The doctor handed me a printed surgical risk sheet and told me seriously about all the problems that might arise during the operation. Looking at the dense instructions on the list, a layer of sweat was already on my palms.

Seeing that I didn’t dare to sign, the doctor smiled and said, “These problems are only possible. We must inform the family in advance. Don’t worry too much. We will do our best to rescue if there is a problem.” I became even more uneasy after hearing that. At this time, the cousin who was standing aside joked: “Brother, you are usually quite daring, how come you are so timid now?”

Yes, at home, I am famous for being bold. Take the car accident 5 years ago for example. At that time, my head was severely bruised and more than 20 stitches were stitched. The doctor also said that I was prone to concussion. At that time, in the face of my mother, who was already crying, I waved my hand and said proudly, “What are you afraid of? It’s okay!” The patient next to me also kept comforting my mother, saying that the doctor was just saying the worst, There should be no problem, don’t worry. But in the face of everyone’s consolation, the mother was still frightened and her legs went weak. At that time, I was still muttering in my heart: My mother has always been carefree, she never shed tears for anything, why is she so timid at this time?

I didn’t understand until now that it turns out that human courage and love are inversely proportional. No matter how bold a person is, he must be cautious and even trembling when his loved one suffers. When we were young, we were bold because our parents held up a sky for ourselves with love, and we were unscrupulous because of our safety; when we grew up, we were careful everywhere because we wanted to hold up a sky for our loved ones, and we were because Responsibility is prudent.

When you are unfortunately injured and frustrated, please stop complaining that his courage has become weaker! Because, at that time, the less timid person was the one who was closer to your heart.

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