The highest state of love

One day, the girl asked the boy, “Dear, what do you think is the highest state of love?” The man thought for a while and said, “I think it should be life and death! Because one person can die for another person, and he can give up his life, that is the most important thing for a person, and it should be the highest point of love. “

The girl thought about it and nodded. Because that’s what she thought.

She has seen a lot of love, and the most heroic moments are always linked with life and death. However, most of the world’s love is just ordinary love and hate, just ordinary sadness and happiness. Divide and close, come and go in a hurry.

What is left may be the final residence, and what is left is a passer-by. If the love that has experienced life and death is the highest point of true love, how should we face the next dull life? But after experiencing the love of life and death, how long can you persist in the face of the dull life and the baptism of the years? Maybe most people can’t understand, can’t understand. They have all experienced life and death, can it be said that they can’t stand the baptism of years?

After a while, the girl and the boy quarreled. Because girls are often making trouble for no reason recently, and they often cry sadly for no reason. After making trouble unreasonably, she asked the boy, “What is the realm of true love?”

The boy was very surprised. He didn’t answer her directly, but instead asked her: “What’s wrong with you? Can’t we explain anything after we’ve been through so much?” The girl was silent!

The girl slept for two days. After waking up, she wanted to understand a problem.

Perhaps the highest state of love should be habit. When you get used to the habits of a person’s life, you really fall in love with him. Love is a person’s identification with another person’s habits. To love to the highest level is to identify with his habits. It’s called inclusion.

It’s like mother is used to father’s snoring, from not adapting to adapting, and then not being able to sleep without his snoring, this is a habit, this is love! A man is accustomed to a woman’s willfulness and coquettishness, and even she is vexatious and makes trouble. Although he still doesn’t understand sometimes, he can be humble and adapt, and feel the reason why she is making trouble out of nothing. And this kind of tolerance and understanding has gradually become a habit. And the girl felt his understanding and tolerance from the habit of being self-willed, vexatious, and doing nothing wrong. She understood that the life of one person before was now the life of two people; two people’s thoughts. To be able to truly experience the world of two people, how to think and how to face the new life. You will feel his mood at that time and feel his love at all times. With the understanding of this love day by day, willful and unreasonable troubles become less and less, and this understanding of girls has gradually become a habit.

A person will change and accommodate for another person. This is love. The philosophy of love is sometimes so simple, in fact, it is in the bits and pieces of life. If you can’t always adapt to a person and adapt to all his habits, it only means that you don’t love him with your heart. Or you have not yet reached the realm of love, because love is in these details.

When you are used to all the habits of your lover, such as the smell of tobacco in his clothes, such as his morning bath, such as he does not like peppers, such as all his habits you do not have, or you do not like habits at all . When you think that everything has become your habit, do you really think about how many habits you have changed and how many habits he has changed in the process of adaptation. After you’ve really (not 100%) figured it out, then stop asking what love is because it’s a very stupid topic!

Love is as simple as boiled water. It can be touched by hand. When we drink it, it makes us feel cool and comfortable.

After experiencing life and death, it is really difficult to change the dull personal habits. The personalities and habits of the two people are slowly reflected. At this time, should you be tolerant of the other party’s habits, or stick to your own habits and not compromise? To be tolerant, understand, and support other people’s habits is easier said than done.

When there is no compromise, two people will have disputes, and often there will be crises again and again at this time. Whether disputes or crises, after all, it will pass, and it will be calm after all. But after the dispute, you must think carefully, think about the right and wrong of things, whose habit is right and whose habit is wrong. Stick to what is right, and correct what is wrong. Some have to communicate with each other, and some have to digest it by themselves. However, maybe what you insist on now is not necessarily correct, and maybe what you correct is not wrong. No one can tell the standard among them, because there are too many habits in life waiting for two people to run in, feel, argue, tolerate… This may be the whole of life, this may be love History, the truth of which is unclear. Some people never get used to another person’s habit in their whole life, but they still go to the end of their life together; some people spend their whole life chasing each other’s habit; some people understand early on how to deal with their lover’s habit. …

Girls now think that true love is plain water, easy and simple. But a lot of people don’t understand why. So does she, so do women, so do men.

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