The higher the education, the more likely to have “love panic”

An interesting “love survey report” was recently released. In this report, the psychological panic index of both sexes about love was mentioned in the most prominent position for the first time. Among them, education has become an important factor affecting “love panic disorder”.

What is a love panic?

When all the friends around me are putting rings on their ring fingers, I am still alone in the empty room. The unwillingness in my heart creates an eager hope for love and marriage. This is love panic.

Men and women should marry. With the increasing influence of the Internet in people’s lives, many people choose to “download” their other half online. On the Internet, men and women have expectations and panic about love. Also exposed more and more directly.

The higher the education, the later the panic

I can’t help but be surprised that education is an important factor affecting the “age of love panic”. As long as you search on big and small matchmaker websites, you will find that the age groups of panic caused by different educational backgrounds are quite distinct. Female: 22 years old for junior colleges, 25 years old for undergraduate and master’s degrees, and 27 years old for doctors; boys: 22 years old for junior colleges, 23 years old for undergraduates, 25 years old for master’s degrees, and 28 years old for doctors. But in general, 25 is the age when love panics take off on a large scale.

As long as you observe carefully, you can conclude a rule: the panic of love almost always occurs within one to three years after finishing school.

During this period of time, it was enough for most people to find a more satisfactory job. When the material foundation was fixed, the idea of ​​finding a relationship began to jump in the mind. From another point of view, this seems to be wise. The higher the education, the stronger the ability of oneself, and the competitiveness of love may also be strengthened. Therefore, such self-confidence psychologically leads to the age division of love panic.

In this way, the level of education can not only determine the wealth and poverty of the income to a certain extent, but also become the capital of self-confidence, making one more confident in marriage.

Men and women panic at the same time?

From the analysis of Jiayuan’s membership structure, the age of 25 is the threshold. It seems that after crossing this threshold, all men and women have come to their senses.

According to traditional thinking, it is easy to understand that a woman over 25 has a heart to marry. In most marriages, the elder is male, and sibling love has not yet become mainstream. So the problem arises. Young women quickly realize that they know that their youth is a kind of “consumable” that is not easy to save, and they start to worry that they will become a big problem one day. If you haven’t found a way out of love at 25, then don’t panic.

What about the man? That’s a little strange. Why does a man who claims to be 30 flowers become so anxious now? Is it understandable that compared to women, men who are anxious are more of a wait-and-see or try-and-see attitude. After all, men are generally higher than women in terms of age at marriage. Then, men’s love panic is fake, and men and women panic at the age of 25 at the same time, it becomes an illusion. According to the difference in marriage age between men and women, it is estimated that men’s love panic is three years later than women’s.

Three high women are the most dangerous

The reporter found through investigation that members between the ages of 25 and 30 are most likely to find friends, and they are also popular on matchmaking and dating websites. After the age of 30, the success curve of playing friends will be bearish all the way, and the difficulty will increase exponentially, especially for women.

Among them, women with high education, high salary and high age are the least favored. High age is the inevitable result of high education and high salary. Generally, most of the three high women are over 30 years old. Due to the influence of traditional concepts, most men feel that men must be stronger than women in marriage, so women with three highs indisputably bring men a sense of oppression and are difficult to approach. Many men are reluctant to hurt their self-esteem in their marriages with three high women.

Love panic is a common “disease” and contagious. In fact, some people don’t feel that there is anything wrong with not having love when they are alone, but when they see other people kissing me, my heart itch is unbearable. This is just a fantasy that connects the picture in front of you to your own future, not jealousy.

Many people disdain to face their love panic disorder, in fact, this is not something to be ashamed of. Don’t deliberately pursue anything in order to get love, just go with the flow, relax your mind, and cherish the people in front of you, love will come as you wish, and panic will no longer be present.

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