The girl you talked to might be an inflatable doll

“I heard that she will become a real person after using it with the inflatable doll for the ninety-ninth time.”

In the decades of evolution, inflatable dolls have become closer and closer to real people, at least in appearance.

Young people in Japan don’t need mother-in-law, they just need dolls
The lifelike doll has crossed the “uncanny valley” and realized the perfect restoration of the spring dream

The origins of inflatable dolls vary, most of which originate from Dutch sailors in the 17th century or Nazi barracks during World War II. In short, they were born from male desire.

Ruth Handler created Barbie dolls inspired by inflatable dolls. Although the uses are quite different, Barbie wears beautiful little skirts and high heels, and carries delicate bags to buy more clothes. Isn’t it also a projection of the desires of little girls?

It’s Hirokazu-eda and the poster of “The Air Figure” starring Bae Doona
Regardless of the origin, inflatable dolls as special tools really flourished in Japan.

In 1977, the well-known Japanese inflatable doll manufacturer “Oriental Industry” (Orient Industries) was established. In 1987, the “shadow body” of Oriental Industry. In 1999, “Asuka” of Oriental Industry.

The most expensive dolls in the world can sell for hundreds of thousands. The 3D modeled face, the sight of the eyeball can be adjusted, the built-in heating device maintains the body temperature, the “semi-solid skeleton” simulates the activities of human joints, and the human hair can be implanted to shape it as you like. There are also dolls equipped with smart chips that can talk to you, fulfilling your dream of marrying siri home.

I don’t know what Siri sounds like
From the size, skin tone, cup size, to the color of the eyes and areola pores, the shape and curl of the hair on the lower body, all can be customized and replaced. More enthusiastic buyers can also purchase nail art and makeup kits to DIY themselves, creating her who shares a couple’s color matching with them.

The doll’s eyes move, and the gaze becomes more affectionate as it moves
But dolls are just dolls after all. No matter how real the semi-solid bones are, they can’t become mechanical arms. Soft bodies do not equal flexibility. The practicality of high-end inflatable dolls has gradually given way to ornamental.

“It takes a long time to change the posture, Ella is still very heavy and it is very difficult to hold, and after a long time there is no interest.” Slina said that Ella is an imported girlfriend he bought for $500.

In the unity of opposites between spirit and form, the more vivid the photos of inflatable dolls are, the more they emphasize the emptiness of the spirit behind them. From this perspective, the evolution of inflatable dolls seems to be a sociological issue.

Inflatable dolls have no hearts, but many people are willing to believe that they have hearts.

American documentary “Love me love my doll” interviews those who choose to accompany inflatable dolls for life. The interviewee said to the camera: “In the beginning, there was only a physical relationship with the doll, but slowly I just wanted to sleep by her side and appreciate her. I don’t care about being alone at all, because I’m not lonely.”

Another respondent said: “You can also see that I would never be able to be with a real woman in my life. The doll saved me.”

Why is it impossible to be with a real woman?

In “The Air Figure”, when Xiaowang’s owner found out that Xiaowang was alive, his first reaction was not surprise, but panic.

Xiaowang questioned the master: “I am her substitute?!” She refers to the master’s ex-girlfriend, also called Xiaowang.

The owner begged her to change back into an inflatable doll: “It’s too much trouble for me to fall in love…that’s why I chose you.”

It’s the best thing you can do if you don’t leak.
Human nature is complex and unpredictable, and only inflatable dolls are absolutely controllable. Real love leaves for a variety of reasons, and inflatable dolls can sit on the edge of the bed for the rest of their lives waiting for you to come home.

She doesn’t cheat, she doesn’t get sick, she doesn’t get old, she doesn’t get fat, she doesn’t grow wrinkles, she doesn’t yell at you.

The lack of a soul is her only weakness, but she just so happens to be an ideal container for your imaginary perfect lover.

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