The French make sex an art

Sex is an art for the romantic French

On September 11, during the contemporary art exhibition in Lyon, France, hundreds of French nude men and women served as models to “dedicate themselves” to the public nude performance art of the famous American nude photography artist Spencer Tunick. The show showed the world how the French appreciate nudity as art.

In France, the nude display is not only art, but also a manifestation of the popular concept of sexuality. Because of this, Paris has been repeatedly rated as the “sexiest city” in the world. It is said that even the oldest book on human sex was found in a place called Dalton in southwestern France.

Sex art all over Paris

In this country of 1.5 million naturists, sex is open, exposed, flamboyant, and full of personality, most prominently in the sexy ads that fill the streets. The reporter walked around the streets near the station and found that in the most numerous perfume advertisements, no matter CD, Lancome or Chanel, the models were all naked and provocative. Someone said: “It is impossible to imagine a model without nudity, because sex is art, and a good advertisement must be full of sexual desire.”

The French also have an interest in sex in every corner of their lives: erotic pictures are engraved on wine glasses, T-shirts are printed with sex gestures, and the walls of public toilets and many alleys are also covered with sex graffiti, although Sometimes it’s just two simple symbols representing men and women, but they outline the outlines of their magnanimous sexual culture. During the march against the US invasion of Iraq, the slogan of the French was “make love, not fight”.

In the 2004 Durex global survey, the French have the most sex in the world, with 137 sexual acts per capita per year, which is much higher than the global average of 103. It is no wonder that 1/3 of the people in the world rated Paris as the “Sexiest City”.

Make kisses a habit

The mouth, teeth, lips and tongue cooperate with the sucking, biting, intertwining, licking, sliding, in and out of the cheek muscles, and the passion is detonated in an instant, and the mouth and love are satisfied at the same time. In France, there has always been a saying of “oral culture”. In addition to referring to French people’s love to eat and talk, turning kissing into a daily habit is also a very important part of it. Even Germans admire it and put the deep The action of the kiss is summed up by the word “French kiss”.

For ordinary French people, kissing is regarded as sexual foreplay and the best sex law to promote eroticism. The French poet Teval described in his poem: “As they kiss and caress each other, how delightful and sweet their movements are. An incredible joy is befelling them.”

For scientists, the French kiss is deep and long, unconsciously letting the alveoli take a deep breath, improving the oxygen supply in the alveoli and exercising the couple’s lung capacity. Statistics show that kissing can promote calorie consumption and improve heart health. Among them, French kissing consumes the most calories. In such a deep kiss, the heart rate of men can be increased to 110 beats per minute, and the heart rate of women can be increased to 108 beats per minute, which in turn increases blood circulation. It is these changes that mobilize the whole body’s cellular fuel, adenosine triphosphate, to burn fat easily in a happy mood.

French women love to read erotic novels

When sex becomes culture and flirting becomes art, it is not difficult to understand why erotic novels can have a huge market in France. Ms. Bruhl, editorial director of the German Kola Publishing House, said that erotic novels are different from erotic novels, and should be defined as “love novels with sexy romantic sentiments”. The novel not only has heart-pounding sex scenes, but also romantic and touching love stories. In France, the reporter found that the readers of such novels are mostly women.

Social psychologist Professor Wei Haien believes that European women have a strong sense of independence, and many people live single lives, but in fact they are not comfortable. They all have the will to live with the opposite sex, but they do not have the ability to get along with others or meet a suitable lover, and erotic novels just “fill” their “blank spots” in love.

In France, this is particularly the case. Many French women treat the relationship between men and women quite freely and easily. Many women choose to be single mothers because they do not have a favorite lover. Therefore, they are often able to talk frankly with their friends about the feelings of reading erotic novels.

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