The feeling of love, there is a home with you

The feeling of love is always sweet at the beginning. I always feel that there is one more person to accompany you, and one more person to help you share the burden. You are finally no longer alone, because at least one person is thinking of you, loving you, no matter what you do. Anything, as long as we can be together, is fine.

The feeling of love, with you is home But slowly, with the deepening of understanding, you will find the shortcomings of the other party, so problems appear one after another, so you start to get tired, tired, and even want to escape.

Some people say that love is like picking up stones, always trying to find one that suits you. However, how do you know when to pick it up? Is he right for you, and are you right for him?

Actually, I think that love should be like a terrazzo. Maybe when you first found it, you were not so satisfied. Slowly, everything will change. Because people are flexible, many things can be changed, as long as you have the heart and courage, instead of picking up unknown stones everywhere, it is better to polish the stones you already have.

Many people think that people become lazy because their feelings fade away. In fact, people are conquered by inertia first, and then their feelings gradually fade away. Nowadays, more and more people just want to fall in love for a lifetime, but they are reluctant to enter into marriage. Because marriage makes people lazy.

If everyone is too lazy to talk, too lazy to listen, too lazy to create surprises, too lazy to be gentle and considerate, then how can husband and wife or lovers not drift away? Remember: Vibrant love requires moderate diligence to irrigate. Falling in love is something you can’t be lazy about.

There was once a couple who met for dinner and shopping after get off work, but the girl was delayed because of the company’s meeting. When she arrived in the rain, she was already 30 minutes late. Her boyfriend was very unhappy and said: “You always In this way, now I have no mood, and I will never wait for you in the future!” In an instant, the girl’s heart collapsed, she thought: maybe, they will never have a future.

However, in this place, another couple faced the same problem, but her boyfriend said, “I think you must be busy?” Then he wiped the rain off the girl’s face and took off her coat Put it on the girl, at this moment, the girl was crying. But the tears that flowed down her cheeks were warm and happy.

Maybe, love and hate are only between our thoughts! Love, not only to understand tolerance but also to be timely, many things may just depend on the change of your mood. If someone falls in love with you and you think he’s nice, that doesn’t mean you’ll choose him.

We always say, “I’ll fall in love only if I find someone I love very much.” But when the other person asks you what it means to be in love, you can’t answer him because you don’t know it yourself.

Yes, we always think that we will find someone we love very much. But later, when we suddenly looked back, we realized how naive we had been. If you never started, how do you know if you will love that person very much? Or, the feeling of love and love is to be discovered after experiencing a lot of things together.

Everyone wants to find a 100% partner in their hearts, but have you ever thought that someone by your side has given you silently for a long time, but you just didn’t realize it.

So, take a closer look at the person around you, he may have been waiting for you for a long time. When you love someone, love to eight points is absolutely just right. All expectations and hopes are only seven or eight points, and the remaining two or three points are used to love yourself. If you continue to love more, you are likely to put a lot of pressure on the other person and make each other breathless, and it will completely take away the joy of love.

When drinking, don’t be more than six points drunk, when eating, don’t be more than seven points full, and when you love someone, don’t be more than eight points. Just right.

To love someone, you have to understand but also open up; apologize and thank you; admit mistakes and correct them; be considerate and considerate; accept rather than endure; tolerate rather than condone; support rather than dominate; It’s not questioning; it’s talking but not accusing; it’s unforgettable but not forgetting; it’s communicating with each other instead of explaining everything; It can be romantic, but don’t waste it, don’t hold hands casually, and don’t let go casually.

In this way, “with you is home”~

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