The difference between the first time and the tenth time for girls


first heartbeat

On the first day, you met the man you imagined. He was clean, sunny, positive, and upward. There was light in your eyes, but it was like tens of thousands of deer jumping wildly in your heart. He opened his mouth to say hello to you, your face turned red when you rubbed your face, you responded timidly, and hurried away.

You get to know each other slowly, he always bullies you, pinches your face, and rubs your head. You hit him angrily and he laughed out loud, but in fact your heart is full of joy and you are not angry at all. After a long period of time, you have been missing in your heart. You thought it was him that you missed in your heart, and then you gradually realized that you just missed the self who had just opened up in love.

tenth heartbeat

When the wine party disperses, you stumble away. After thinking about it, it seems that I can only call him. He arrived soon enough, and helped you over in the hands of your friends, talking to reassure them. The two of you got into the car, you muttered, and he smiled wryly. When you woke up, he was sitting on his own sofa, and the whispering snoring came, and you felt a lot more relieved after hearing it.

After he woke up, he scratched his messy head, and you looked at him, “Hey, do you want to fall in love?” After meeting so many people, you found yourself no longer disturbed by boys again. Crash, it seems that it is difficult to fall in love with someone. When a girl falls in love for the first time, she has countless longings and imaginations for love.

The tenth time for women to fall in love, they will balance the relationship between sensibility and rationality more.


The first love affair:

I can’t wait to tell the world, come and see, this is my girlfriend! To be frugal is to buy her a better gift on her birthday; his girlfriend gave her a small puppet toy. Although he felt that it did not fit his manhood, he couldn’t help but talk to him. Friends came to show it off and put it on the bedside very grandly.

He feels that he has endless topics to talk about with girls, and he is willing to coax his girlfriend to sleep every day no matter how sleepy he is; to free up his mind for his girlfriend, he also inspires his friends around him to want to know how to please girls.

The tenth time in love:

I chose her not because of how exciting and unique she is. I just think that she is just right, although I already know that someone can’t be replaced, and no one is indispensable to her. He is already familiar with the matter of love. Birthday gifts for girlfriends are lipsticks, bags and jewelry that she likes.

When she was sick, he would buy her medicine and cook porridge, and try to take care of her himself. When she is angry, he will be patient and coax her, instead of trying to reason with her in self-righteousness, endless quarrels and cold wars.

He has become more and more proficient in emotions, familiar with more routines, and proficiently knows how to avoid minefields. But I also found that there was always something missing between the two. I don’t know how to truly love someone.


fall in love:

The first time to fall in love: high-profile official announcements on various social software, posting on Moments and Weibo: Sweet love is finally my turn.

I might break up one day, and it’s better to post an official announcement in the circle of friends.


First time in love: Looking at this handsome boy in front of me, I thought to myself: Wow, which handsome guy is this.

The tenth time in love: Look at his slovenly appearance, and thought to himself: I was blind when I first met him, and the filter when I was in love was too scary.


Kissing for the first time: Your face is red and your heart is beating, your heart is beating continuously, you don’t know where to put your hands, and you are still thinking in the back of your mind, do you want to close your eyes?

The tenth kiss: You slapped away the face that the object was approaching with in disgust, and said not to kiss, and just ate garlic at noon.


The first breakup: You cry so hard that you will never love again.

The tenth breakup: Your friend asked for you, would you like to go to the movies together? You said not to go because you were broken up. The friend said one more thing, the little brother at the front desk is very handsome, and he looks like a man. You immediately changed your mind and agreed.

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