The difference between like and love

There is an emotion in the world called “like”, another is called “love”

Love is when he is there, there is only one person in his eyes; when he is not, everything has his shadow.

I like it when I suddenly think of him when I read a book in the middle of the night, imagine what he is doing now, and a fluttering warmth fills my heart, but I never take the initiative to call him. After a few minutes, the attention is drawn back to the plot of the book!

Love is in the lonely night, the thoughts flood in like a tide, holding the book in his hand but can’t read it, thinking about whether he is still working overtime at this time, eating dinner or not, is it as if he is thinking about him? think about yourself

He likes to be red-faced when discussing issues and disputes with him, and they don’t give in to each other. In front of him, like a hedgehog, he never admits defeat, but in his heart, he secretly admires his insight and talent.

Love is to hope that he will be at the same pace as himself and have a heart-to-heart connection with him. A joke he accidentally tells can make him feel depressed and even tearful in an instant. In front of him, he was never defensive.

I like to send him a text message when I go out and tell him that the weather here is fine, then turn off the phone, play wildly in a different place for a week, and suddenly appear in front of him after being a black man to startle him.

Love means that wherever I go, I hope to have him by my side. You can stand on the beach and call him on the phone to let him hear the sound of the waves; you can also stay in place for a long time because you see a back like him on the street in a foreign land.

What I like is that he simply said “safe journey” before the business trip. Looking at the back of his departure, he felt a little reluctant, but he didn’t say anything and just silently waited for the news of his return.

Love is what he told him thousands of times before his business trip, stuffed his backpack with clothes and food, and would not leave until the train left at the station. And in the days after he left, he was uneasy every day, praying over and over for him to return safely.

I like it when I was hurt, I didn’t want him to see his vulnerable side, quietly wiped away the tears in front of him, turned his head and still looked happy and strong.

Love is when she is wronged, she crawled on his chest and cried bitterly, without disguising or worrying, telling him all her troubles, and longing for comfort from his embrace.

I like to eat KFC with him when I am tired from shopping on weekends; to grab a cup of hot coffee with him in the cold winter; to walk side by side with him on the street with a distance of half a meter; to accompany him to play games in front of the computer The two of them laughed like children.

Love is to spend half a day making a few good dishes by himself on the weekend and watch him eat it; to keep refilling his coffee cup with hot water in the cold winter; to walk with him on the street and let him hold hands tightly His own hands; he was doing it quietly beside him, happily watching him concentrate when he was working in front of the computer.

The difference between like and love

I like it when I listen to him talk about his childhood anecdotes, and then laugh out loud, feeling an inexplicable feeling in my heart.

Love is to listen to him tell the interesting stories of his childhood, then smile slightly, and feel more pity for this man who used to be so naughty in front of him

I like to meet him in the corridor, say hello to him happily, and then say a few simple greetings. When passing by, I see the bright sunshine outside the window, and I feel better for no reason.

Ai saw him in the corridor with an expression of indifference on her face, but when she passed by, she carefully felt the trembling air around her, so she couldn’t help but look back.

I liked seeing him and another girl walking by hand in hand, my heart hurt a little, but soon I would smile again towards Chaoyang.

Love is a game that you can’t afford to lose, whether you love it or not. After you give everything, what you will leave behind may be just a scar carved in the bottom of your heart.

If you like someone, you want him to be yours, so you can like a lot of people and want a lot of people to be yours.

Love is obviously inseparable from him, but has to give up on him, because I may not be able to give the happiness he wants. I don’t dare to occupy him, I hope to see him find happiness, even if that happiness is not shared with me.

I like it. I hope that when I’m lonely, when I’m bored, and when I’m sad, I can find someone to talk to.

Love is that I want to share it with him at any time, and when I am happy, I even hope that I will give him both the wrong and the happy.

What I like is, when I haven’t been in touch for a long time, I receive a call from him, and then I listen to him with a smile.

Love is, when there was no contact for a few days, I called him in a hurry, then held back tears and smiled.

I like it. Only when we are together do we miss each other.

Love, even if we are together, I miss him every second.

If you like someone, most of your friends will also feel happy.

Loving one person is a world of two people who will feel uncomfortable if there is one more person.

Loving someone is sweet. Loving someone is hard work.

If you like someone, you will be happy when you are together

When you love someone, you will be inexplicably lost when you are together

If you like someone, you won’t think about your future

When you love someone, you often look forward to tomorrow together

If you like someone, you will always be happy when you are together

When you love someone, you will often cry

If you like someone, when you haven’t seen him for a long time, you will suddenly think of him

When you love someone, when you haven’t seen each other for a long time, you will think of him every day

When you like someone, when you think of him, you will smile

When you love someone, when you think of him, you will stare at the sky in a daze

If you like someone, you will think that he has a child, and you will like it very much

When you love someone, one day, you are suddenly curious: what will our children look like in the future.

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