The closer you get to him, the more you can see his exhaustion

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. UtMany people who give up love, are disappointed in marriage, or even divorce, are because they demand that love has been excited and do not accept its normal state. Because, the closer you are to a person, the more tired you will see him. elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

This kind of disappointment is very painful to fall, and it is very lethal. So we often see a man madly pursuing a girl, but abandoning it after getting it; a girl is infatuated with a good man, but after having him, she finds that it is not the happiness she wants… So some people say that marriage is the grave of love , just because they didn’t realize it.

When we first fell in love, we tended to put all our energy into making the other person fall in love with us, as if we were “beating the blood”, so the “effort” we showed at that time often softened as the relationship between the two people stabilized. At this time, it’s not that his love has weakened, but your tacit understanding has increased, and he no longer has to force himself to show you his spirit — exhaustion is often a normal state expressed when a person is at his safest, no matter how dazzling People also need dimness to rest. If he is bleak towards you, it means that he really trusts you, don’t ask him to “strengthen his energy” towards you like he does to the outside world.

We all have experiences, and we often feel powerless, often doze off in the car, and often don’t want to talk, don’t we?

If you only love his wonderfulness, then you don’t love him enough. If you respect his fatigue as well as your own. I think you will get lasting love. Walk into a better life than fall into the grave.

There are very few things in this world that two people can share together. You can count, watching movies, driving the road, playing video games for two, candlelight dinners, amusement parks… Anyone with a little experience knows that these things are only often done when you are just in love. Slowly, you don’t need to These things are here to connect you because they waste time and money. Even when you do these things together, the inner experience is often different. Watching a movie together, in fact, is to see each other separately, and each has their own understanding; while driving on the road, it is also to see each other’s scenery, even if you are playing and playing, you will be tired after 15 minutes, and then continue to walk and watch your own Scenery; eating together, you only know the taste. If you think it is delicious, he may not think it tastes good…

So when two people are together, the most they can do is to accompany. I’ll do mine, you’ll do yours, we’re just in one space, and you feel at ease knowing there’s another person sitting there. You look at two people who have entered into a stable relationship, they are very in love with each other. But after they come home from get off work and have a meal together, they still have one computer for each person, he plays games, she goes shopping on Taobao – there are 2-3 hours of prime evening time, they are all exclusive – that’s the so-called ” Personal space”, although they were all in their own world for 2-3 hours, the difference is that they were accompanied by another person – this is love, the most normal love.

When we just fell in love with someone, the love at that time was not the normal state of love, but the initial excited state of love. If you believe that love has always been like this, then you are misunderstanding the nature of love. You are still changing every day, why doesn’t love change? 14-30 years old is your excited state, 30-70 years old is your normal state. In fact, you will know from time to time, which is your normal state. Love is the same.

Many people who give up love, are disappointed in marriage, or even divorce, are because they demand that love has been excited and do not accept its normal state.

There is a person who is willing to spend a lot of time with you, even if he is reading his own book and playing his own game, but this is love. You can also read your own books and play your own games. Only by accepting such a space that accompanies each other and is relatively independent can you have the opportunity to have wonderful moments in the next N years.

When a person says “Come on, let’s be boyfriend and girlfriend” or “I love you”, he has established a relationship with you, and he only gives you 10% of his love; he brings you into his interpersonal circle and family, which is For your emotional recognition, he gave you 30% of his love at this time; if he told you his real monthly income, and co-named his account with you, using your money and giving you money, then you can say Ta gave you 60% of the love; when he was small enough to buy vegetables, buy electrical appliances, and he took you into account in his career planning and life planning (note that this consideration is behavioral, not verbal) , can say, he gave you close to 100% love. Why close? Because with a little leeway, there’s always room to get better.

Please note that these four parts make up love, and one is indispensable, and one layer has a greater weight than the other, but all must be built on the basis of the previous layer. If a guy confirms a relationship with you and then offers you money, but doesn’t bring you in, he probably just wants to play with you. Although he gives you money, but because he didn’t give you a circle, according to this formula, he still only gives you 10% of love.

If you always complain that love has abandoned you, or that there is no true love in the world. Please re-recognize the reality of love! If you don’t fall in love and realize that these realities are the inevitability of love, it is very likely that you will become an easy “breaker” and lose confidence in love.

Finally, let’s revise the definition of love: because of love, you can endure its many ruthless things, and this is called love.

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