The border between pornography and art

For a long time, I have found that sex and artistic creation are closely related, but helplessly, it seems that human beings have almost no exploration in this area… If you think of art as venting and obtaining pleasure, you can use artistic skills to integrate emotions to achieve a kind of The bliss of *ecstasy*, then sex and art are really similar in many ways.

Art is bursting, getting pleasure, and so is sex. The pleasure of art leaves behind works, and sex leaves humanity as a continuation of the newborn. The difference between making love and doing art is that the mating object is different. The mating object of art is the mating of one’s own existence and the existence of the world. Sex is the mating of male and female. Of course, men and women can also mate, the process is similar. Art involves emotional psychology, as well as sex, so many imitating painters are actually similar to looking for a young lady. There is no emotional product, no works, only physical pleasure. Looking at it this way, homosexuality is much nobler than them. So I am also disgusted by the lady looking for it. That is to work hard. Of course, I am not gay, but I think it is understandable. Emotion is the only factor for human existence, otherwise what is the difference between it and a machine? Especially in the moment of automation, and the future of artificial intelligence, emotional factors may be the last domain of human existence.

Porn, and art, are two roads; they just overlap, but lead to completely different places. From the starting point of creation, the only point of pornography is to make people interested in sex. Although there are many kinds of sexual interest, the ultimate goal is to activate the genitals; art is a way of expressing emotions and thoughts, and the ultimate goal is to stimulate the soul and mind. From the perspective of final utility, because almost the vast majority of normal people in life have normal erotic desires, but there are many fewer people who have the ability to empathize, explore and think. Those who have received art education The proportion of people is getting lower and lower. Therefore, nude art works are inevitably seen as naked bodies in the eyes of many people. They see that only the genitals are activated, and the heart and mind are ineffective. Yes, art appreciation is inherently limited.

Well, in the end, “artistic beauty” is a pseudo-concept that I personally think; Art is art, and beauty is beauty; art is not for beauty, or at least not for what is popularly said to be good-looking and beautiful. . . Picasso Matisse, beautiful? But they are masters of art. In contrast, the “beauty” we talk about every day is not necessarily the best means to stimulate the heart and mind in the field of artistic creation. Landing on the body is by no means simple, highlighting sexual characteristics is eroticism, and highlighting beauty is art. Art is complicated. – Or porn is easy. Otherwise, pornography is so fun.

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