Thank you for coming

There is a saying: “One will meet two people in one’s life, one is amazing in time, the other is gentle in time.”

The person who amazed the time is the most splendid and dazzling existence in the memories of youth. I don’t regret the happiness and emotion I have experienced with him. Even if the later storms and waves were all given by him, I still want to say to him that I am happy in my lifetime. meet.

You have given me too much joy and emotion, too many harvests and accidents, and too much sadness and ups and downs. But after all, you have come to my life and brought me a lot of beauty and small happiness. I don’t know what kind of fate made us meet, but I don’t want to pursue it, because I believe that every encounter has meaning, and every person who has loved has a memory. In any case, I am lucky, because you have brought me some special feelings, so that every time I look back on it, I feel that life is wonderful.

I still remember that summer you drove hundreds of kilometers in the heavy rain to see me in the city I passed by, just for a short stop at the station… I also remember that on the street just because I glanced at all kinds of candied haws , you walked through the hustle and bustle queuing up for me to take back the last candied fruit. I didn’t like sweets. I ate that candied fruit in one go that night, and you looked at my mouth full of mouth and flushed face just pampered lol…I still remember the phone calls, videos and madness when I said goodbye to something you didn’t care about and you bought it back. When you’re in a hurry at the airport, and you’re still holding something I don’t know when I said it, I know you’re the one who was amazing and gentle in my past years.

“The road is long and long, and I will go up and down to seek it out.” The road in life is bumpy, and between giving and receiving, I also hoped that all encounters and differences were for a reason or that they could meet again after a long absence. However, when faced with a choice again, I realized that some encounters are just a calamity on the long road of life, and an unfinished fate…

Thank you for coming, thank you for giving me so much, and thank you for giving me those amazing times! I am very content with the time with you in the past, and I miss those days with you. I don’t know what to choose in the future, and I don’t know what will happen in the future? But no matter what it is, I will not regret knowing you. No matter what you bring me, I will not regret it. At least I have felt your tenderness, held your arms, and intertwined with you. Walked a long way. So, no matter what, you are the person I inadvertently think of and miss.

Thank you for coming! Whether you are really happy or not? No matter whether the years treat you and me kindly, or whether there is always the little luck you have brought me, thank you! Thank you for the luck you brought me, thank you for giving me all of your time and love, and thank you for the insipid and tender years you gave me…

There is not much modification, but I am glad that you were my “that he”. Thank you for coming, thank you for making me feel that I will not be alone, thank you for warming my life with your tenderness. The beauty you gave, I will treasure it all and protect it with all my strength.

In the future, maybe there will be three miles of breeze, three miles of road, and there will be no more you. But I have no regrets that you came! You accompany me on the road of life, and I miss you all my life…  

Thank you for coming! May the rest of your life be well! Thank you for meeting, thank you for coming..

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