Tears know what love is

Tears know what love is. Many times, the past is impossible to miss. Lost yellowed photos, lost things that have been preserved for a long time, lost withered memories. Reach out and catch nothing. Perhaps, there are always some things that will stay in the deepest part of life, deep and shallow traces, be careful to brush gently, no longer feel pain, only a numbness.

In the office, drinking coffee, bitter taste. Happiness and sadness, everything has become the past, the truth and emotion, hypocrisy and sadness that can still be felt. Tears quietly dripped on the keyboard.

I remember someone said: “When your tears can’t help but flow out, open your eyes, don’t blink, you will see the whole process of the world from clear to blurred. Heart, the moment the tears fall, change To be clear and clear! Love for a long time has become a habit; pain has become a notch for a long time; hatred has become a burden for a long time. Just waiting, no matter whether time dilutes everything, the heart is where position, jumping persistently in a stubborn manner and speed…

In your life, a person is happy to meet someone who knows how to love you with your heart or someone who is worthy of your heart. What you have is often not the best, so you will not know how to cherish it. Perhaps, at this time, waiting is better than having!

Those who have a heart will miss each other no matter how far they are; those who are unintentional are close at hand but far away. If your love stays in the past, it only belongs to that time; if your love stays in life, it will become eternal, even beyond eternity! Maybe, we all want to forget some things forever, such as scars, we want to forget some things forever, such as heartbeat, baby Anne once said: “Some things can be forgotten, some things can be remembered, some things can be Willingly, some things have been powerless.” You will forget everything, tears will not. Maybe, we won’t cry for a long time, no matter if we are hurt or distressed, we just watch it so coldly, or disappear in laughter and slapstick.

Always, tears accompany time and will not melt. Originally thought that everything will eventually become a dried specimen… but, tears know…

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