“Teacher-student love” has repeatedly made tragedies. Is the teacher-student love a taboo love?

The female teacher fell in love with the underage male student, just like the plot of the Japanese drama “The Witch’s Condition”, which alarmed Taiwan’s education circle. In a case where a female student was raped by a male teacher not long ago, the male teacher involved actually argued that he and the victim were in a teacher-student relationship and that the relationship was your own will, and he showed the female student and passed it on to him: “I love you so much. “, “I miss you so much” ambiguous text messages as evidence. However, the judge believed that even if the two were a couple, it could not be concluded that the female student acted voluntarily that day, and the male teacher was still convicted.

forbidden love

Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Korea all shout NO!

In many Japanese film and television dramas, there are plots of “teacher-student love”. Although “teacher-student love” as a literary theme is very romantic and attractive, it cannot bear the pressure of real life.

Japanese law does not expressly prohibit teacher-student romance, but in fact, teacher-student romance is regarded as a taboo in schools, and it is disrespectful to talk about it. In Japan, the Regulations on the Healthy Raising of Young People stipulate that anyone who commits indecent acts against juveniles under the age of 18 shall be sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of 1 million yen. The distinction between indecency and love is basically based on the testimony of the parties, and the crime of indecency has no time limit. There was a teacher who was sued by the student’s lover 14 years later to the Education Committee for indecent assault, and was punished and removed from office. Therefore, no matter how beautifully the teacher-student love is portrayed in TV dramas and novels, teacher-student love is still a big taboo in school. If it happens, the teacher will be warned or even persuaded to quit.

The American school code of conduct prohibits teacher-student love in black and white. The “safety handbook” that students receive at the start of school explicitly prohibits romantic relationships between staff and students. There was such a case in the United States. When a girl asked a professor for advice, he not only closed the door of the office, but also snorted at the girl intentionally or unintentionally. As a result, the girl sued the school security office.

The UK is also very taboo about teacher-student romance. In 2004, there was a sensational case of “same-sex teacher-student love” in the United Kingdom. Female teacher Luo fell in love with her 15-year-old female student. Their relationship started in 2001 and ended in 2003. After breaking up, the female student informed her family about the matter. The female teacher was forced to resign from the school and was immediately brought to court. She was eventually sentenced to 12 months in prison. 10 years on the “criminal” record list.

According to the British law of 2003, the legal age of sexual intercourse is generally 16 years old, but if one party is in a trusted position, such as a teacher, the legal age of sexual intercourse is raised to 18 years old.

Korean schools expressly prohibit teacher-student romance in high school, but the situation of teacher-student romance is rare in Korea. On the one hand, it is because Korean men have to serve in the military, and they are generally older when they come back. It may not be realistic for little girls to fall in love. Koreans are relatively traditional, they are more concerned about what to do at what age. Therefore, teacher-student love is more of a plot in the script, and the incidence is actually very low.

"Teacher-student love" has repeatedly caused tragedies

The murder tragedy caused by the love between teachers and students has constantly tortured the public’s tolerance for the bottom line of teachers’ professional ethics. In fact, even in western developed countries that advocate the freedom of love, teacher-student love is generally prohibited and restricted, because in such an obviously unequal relationship, it is difficult for us to define the true interaction of the two parties out of free will. Therefore, no matter how romantic and moving the teacher-student love is portrayed in novels and movies, and no matter how many stories of “final success”, the teacher-student love will eventually be a heavy topic with social and moral considerations.

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