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If men have more service spirit and open heart in intimate relationship sex, they will get more sweet pleasure in sex, and they will get more love from women.

This conclusion comes from the fact that I interviewed some buddies of different status levels. When having sex in a relationship, I discussed why women don’t give men licking. No peculiar smell, no residue, nothing. My buddy said that it was because men were not skilled enough to let women cool first, because women are very good and well behaved. Some say that men don’t understand women’s fetishes without hitting women. Some say that foreplay is not good for eyes. Communication is not good, personality charm is not good, and it is said that this woman does not love men at all and hates men who are not worthy of her, I think it is possible to establish.

But I said is there a possibility that a woman doesn’t want a man to succeed, or a woman doesn’t want a man to know that she loves him more, and subconsciously, a woman is afraid that licking her mouth, surrendering to a man will be materialized, she can’t bear it Letting go of the risk of power being used as a sex machine. Correspondingly, are men willing to respect women’s fears or ignore and pretend to be love to morally kidnap women for their own mouths? Of course, there are men who regard women as sexual machines, and there are men who truly respect women, give a sense of security and give gentle kisses and touches. Although they are hard for a long time, they are willing to ask women how they feel to make her feel relaxed and safe. This kind of man The precious thing is that he is intentional and does not kidnap. If the woman is still afraid of the broken feeling of powerlessness in the end, he can also bear the result of the failure of exploration.

It’s just a point to lick your mouth. There are also a lot of game psychology in the expansion. Sex is also wrapped in power and violence to bring more different pleasures. Some women like men’s possessive and domineering entry because they are eager to experience the sense of self-existence, and some women like to step on Playing with men’s genitals to experience the thrill of killing patriarchy, some men like to press women to their mouths to enjoy the desire for power and conquest, some men like to watch women’s high-c twitching pleasure reaction to experience my awesome self. Feelings of love, the colorful world controlled by the creator is allowed to exist, as long as you have self-awareness and awareness, it is an equal game, that is, I know what I like and tell the other party, and the other party knows their own bottom line and accepts my bottom line.

It also shows that under the premise that the thinking, mind, and consciousness of both men and women are not equal, there must be plundering or materialization, and it must be accompanied by a sexual game. The difference is that some people know what they are doing and experience, while others do not. Or it is generally said that information and thinking are not equal. This kind of feeling is like a woman who thinks that I bought her milk tea is unique and likes me. In fact, she does not know that I bought three cups for different women at the same time. Just like when we ordinary people see m in sm being beaten and swollen and feel that she is being killed, but we don’t know that m actually knows what kind of pleasure he is experiencing, m himself knows that he is really wet.

For example, when a man presses a woman’s mouth, the pair of women who have not yet developed self-awareness will feel awkward at first but finally satisfy the man. If I love him, I have to give him a mouth. In the end, the woman is reluctant to give it, and then she feels disgusting like gagging. Sexual games at this level are actually not carried out on the premise of conscious equality. That is, men know what they like and don’t like, but women don’t know what they like and don’t like.

It extends to more aspects, such as men want to try more poses and even difficult poses, men want to try to be more adventurous and exciting in different places and places, men want women to play active bad women, men want women to play ignorant Silly white sweet little white rabbit, then ask your partner if she is willing to cooperate willingly. If you don’t cooperate, you can understand what concerns she has and what potential motives you have. Do you use her as a container to cooperate with you? If not, she will Do you misunderstand that you are using her as a container, can your animality give way to the brakes of human nature first, can she let her animality come out first, does she want to experience being treated as a container or dominate you to be a sex machine? ,,, In fact, it is very difficult to return to pure sexuality. It is difficult to get rid of the use motivation at the thinking level and the thinking projection in the collective consciousness. In fact, there is another layer of rejection of self-animality, especially women.

For women who focus on themselves during sex, she is more accepting of her animality, that is, she knows what she likes, she is not ashamed to express her sexual needs, she will communicate and set a need or a bottom line, such as not lower than Twenty minutes to reach the average size. For example, if she wants a vaginal orgasm, she will say that she prefers kissing and stroking to penetration, but she is not ashamed to express it. The same pleasure, she is not afraid to let go of her power and be used as a sex machine or container, she knows what she wants, she has experienced the real sex pleasure, why not wear black silk fishing nets and play seduction tricks, she is in power. In the love in the desire above, what can’t you lick your mouth when you go back to the discussion at the beginning? What’s more juicy and thirsty than sex with love?

Let’s go back to the conclusion at the beginning. If men serve women first and open their hearts, then women are emotional animals, why wouldn’t they want to give them a lick when they feel love? On the contrary, why didn’t she ask me what I got first as a man. Some buddies do know this and give it first, but don’t give it to the point, whether your partner prefers kissing or touching you to ask observation or communication, whether you really give a sense of respect and security to let women open up and explore together The unknown realm of the body is that she is willing to follow you even if you take a risk. The texture of giving to the heart is different from that of the brain. A woman who is perceptually intelligent will recognize that what is given to the heart is more valuable. Men are willing to pay first, serve women first, men see women’s needs first, women’s feelings, and women’s psychology, and are sincerely happy to satisfy women, why are women unwilling to pay or exchange, men who treat women as human beings and themselves as human beings are scarce Resources, women are so cool and feel real respect and love, why wouldn’t she want to give men a lick?

This kind of man knows that even if I let go of power first, even if I go first to make women happy, even if I pay first, I am not afraid that she will degrade me, even if I don’t pay back, then I am What he gave, I’m not that bad because what I have and what I have is that he knows that women will love me even if I let go of the power struggle, and at the same time, he also has the ability to take risks and failures, even if in the end women are exhausted. That man also understands the fears in women’s hearts, and because he knows how to understand, he gives up sex games. This kind of man has a strong and loving heart and is a scarce resource.

The root cause of the sexual game is fear. If we melt it with love and respect, then what can men and women of all mankind be able to do to stop us from melding together and having fun together.

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