Talking about how to handle sex properly

Sex, this is a problem that everyone must face. Although people keep it secret and are ashamed to talk about it, this problem is faced by healthy people. Because when people mature, they will have sexual impulses, they will look forward to sexual beauty, they will pursue sexual happiness, and they will dream of sexual enjoyment; and as people become more mature, people will strive to pursue the beauty of the opposite sex, and the beauty of the opposite sex. Happy, the enjoyment of the opposite sex.

Think about how many people have suffered serious damage to their reputation, liberty, money, career, health, and even their lives because of sexual problems. Therefore, we must have a correct understanding of nature and grasp it correctly.

So how to correctly grasp sex? The author believes that as long as we pay attention to the following points, we can achieve the correct mastery.

(1) Obey the law. The law stipulates monogamy, we cannot engage in polygamy in disguise, then we will commit bigamy and be punished by the law. The law must be voluntary, and we must not force a relationship with others, otherwise it is a serious crime. The law stipulates that buying and selling is not allowed, so we cannot have sex, otherwise we will go to jail.

(2) Talk about morality. Morality requires you to be a model of monogamy, so you don’t want to have “red flags at home, colorful flags fluttering outside”, “one lover, a group of lovers”, and have sex with others except your lover as you like, then you will definitely suffer. moral condemnation. Morality requires you to make sure that you can only have one lover, not several together. If you engage in a love triangle, then morality will also condemn you. Morality also requires that your sexual pleasure cannot be based on the pain of the other party, and you must also take into account the feelings of the other party, otherwise it is also immoral.

(3) Correctly recognize sex and meet people’s legitimate and reasonable needs for sex. We can’t label “sex” as the root of all evil. Because sex is in fact a normal physiological need of every healthy person. In addition to the heavy responsibility of reproducing offspring, sex also has a role that cannot be ignored, that is, to balance the health of one’s body and mind. Therefore, when we have sexual demands and desires, we should justify them; therefore, when he (or she) makes sexual demands, as long as it is legal and reasonable, one spouse should satisfy them as much as possible; people are healthier and society is more harmonious.

(4) To be tolerant and tolerant of sex. In the past, we adopted a strict policy of confinement on sex, and regarded sex as the root cause of crime, so as long as sex was involved, as long as there was no marriage certificate, the lighter ones were fired from their jobs, and the more severe ones were sent to the shift room; but the result was rape cases, especially roadblocks. Rape happens all the time; it’s a fact that now that we have a tolerant policy about sex, rape has almost disappeared. Therefore, we understand that sex is a physiological need of human beings, so when it is true that sex cannot be satisfied due to various factors, and people who make sexual mistakes on impulse, as long as they do not break the law, they should not be beaten to death with a stick. He should be fired, his scandals should be exposed, and he should not be a man. Instead, he should be given a chance to correct himself, let him continue to work, and let him continue to be a man, and at the same time think about what we need to improve.

(5)Learn some scientific methods of alleviating sexual needs. Our sexual behavior cannot violate the law, our sexual behavior cannot affect our health, and our sexual behavior cannot violate morality. Therefore, we sometimes have to restrain our sexual desires, channel our sexual needs, and seek help when we cannot have sexual relations. The method of excreting sexual desire. Because if sexual energy accumulates and is suppressed for a long time, it can lead us to make impulsive mistakes, so it must be released. Generally speaking, there are many ways to release. The transfer method is one method, the masturbation method is also a method, and there are other methods. We should find a method that suits us. But it must be pointed out that this method should not be used for a long time, because it is against human nature.

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