Stupid men are more popular in modern love

It is said that men are too bad and make people feel insecure. But if a man is too “stubborn”, like chewing wax, it is bound to not be favored by women! So, what kind of man is popular with a woman and makes a mature woman scream? I am surprised by the answer – boring man!

Who loves boring men

For men, the worst evaluation is boring, the best evaluation is boring. Containing but not revealing, if you want to say something, then stop, it is a roundabout performance. Because of the subtlety, the sexy has risen to a new level, which is a kind of prudence and low-key presumptuousness.

Men and Sao men, you may not be able to judge by appearance alone. He may be a serious man in a suit working in a foreign company, or a King Kong man sweating in the gym… But what they have in common is: restrained and silent. Women are fed up with playboys who are good at rhetoric. In their opinion, real men should be associated with words such as steady and down-to-earth. The boring man just fits their ideal. What type of woman would be interested in a sassy guy? It’s hard to imagine how such a story would start if a man who was a slut met a nun-like woman? One wants to sit and wait until the flowers are gone, and the other doesn’t do anything when killed. Naturally, it is impossible for the lust of the thunder to stir the fire of the earth.

A man’s sullenness requires a woman’s inner and outer cooperation. A bold girl like Samantha in “Sex and the City” may be the most compatible woman with a sultry man. They believe that what S wants is the feeling of chasing and provocation. The road to KG is definitely not a straight line, but a path. curve. Therefore, those serious fitness coaches and pure doormen were all brought under her pomegranate skirt.

Don’t think that only what men think the more they can’t get them will be more enjoyable. So do women. Imagine that he doesn’t understand style, she has all kinds of style, and under her hand, he exudes a sexy breath all over him, how much sense of accomplishment should this woman have?

Some time ago, sheep-like “herbivorous men” were very popular in the city, and their counterparts were “carnivore women” who showed their teeth and claws. The sultry men are like “herb-eating men”, so innocent that they don’t know the fireworks in the world, which attracts carnivorous women.

Women have been used to being passive for 5,000 years, but now in her century, they have to take the initiative again. And the way the man puts down everything and acts obediently, does it also reflect a kind of sullen beauty? Gender style is here: Who says men have to be active and women have to be passive? Sometimes it’s better for a woman to be active and a man to be passive.

the shy man

When he first met him, he seemed very shy. From the look in his eyes, he could tell that he was a little dodgy and a little timid. He is always the one who speaks loudly in the crowd. But when she chatted with him, he often just kept silent and bowed his head and smiled. At that time, she was madly infatuated with him, and he didn’t show any obvious. As a result, their relationship is at the juncture of ambiguous, a little bit like a lover, but also like a friend. Spring is the season of wild thoughts, and she can’t help being confused. Fantasizing about being able to kiss him, when his soft lips touched hers, would his whole body tremble like an electric shock; imagining that his embrace was warm, with a moist sweet breath. She couldn’t guess, she couldn’t guess what kind of soul was under his calm appearance. Talking about him to a friend, she said why men are so passive nowadays, and the friend laughed and said that because now is a prosperous world, it is popular for women to chase men to hide, playboy-style men are boring, and shy men are the new favorite. If it was in troubled times, shy men would be doomed, and troubled times needed a bad man like Bai Ruide even more. Later, they were together. He was still low-key and shy as always, so much so that she always thought that he didn’t really fall in love with her. She couldn’t imagine what they looked like in bed, maybe their love had nothing to do with desire.

Until one day, they and a group of friends went to KTV to sing. She didn’t care when he picked up the phone. Then came his singing, “You feel with your eyes, the romantic and peaceful universe; you are not as good as your hands, and you roam gently all over your body; after goodbye to the sun, after the desire has melted, will the expression be equally gentle;

Delusions and passions are very easy to pass, and it is unbearable that this night of spring is wasted; can you cover up your body and share everything; the more you look forward to the more beautiful, let the spring light replace it; do you have to wait for youth to wither, to get everything… “…” Leslie Cheung’s “Breakthrough”, the theme song of the movie of the same name. She was stunned, she never knew his voice was so sexy. His singing seemed to be extremely bewitching to her, only at that moment, she I feel like my body has completely melted.

It turned out that he was domineering and sexy, but in another way. His desires flowed quietly in his blood, and his spring love was hidden in his unfathomable eyes. It wasn’t that he didn’t love her, he was just waiting for her to reveal his last layer of disguise.

All kinds of style from the beginning

When the leaves of Adam’s private parts were torn off, sex was associated with taboos, shyness, etc. The reason why the two love each other can be pleasing, teasing, testing, understanding, etc. is a process that cannot be omitted. There is often such a plot in the Northeast Two People Zhuan; a man and a woman on stage pretend to be flirtatious as if they don’t understand anything, but in fact they are all hanging in the mirror, which is a kind of tacit understanding and blending of souls.

Faster and faster modern life allows people to express their lust directly, and the process of going straight to S is getting shorter and shorter. The whole world is talking about the topic of sex, and one day people suddenly find that they have a state of aesthetic fatigue about sex. Sexual psychologist Rollo Mei found that in the world’s metropolises, more and more people have asexuality. He believes that this happens because people have lost the mystery and curiosity about sex. Therefore, in today’s society, sex does have to be taboo. Well-dressed on the surface is not just a simple pseudo-morality, but between social life and private life, we sometimes really need to draw a boundary. The fast-food-style S has been unable to stir up any waves in the sea of ​​love, and the appearance of the sultry man has returned to the original subtle charm of S.

Compared with rhetorical men, a sulky man who doesn’t like to express himself and is dull and calm may make women feel that he is full of mystery. In fact, the so-called “boring” is just a clever disguise. When they are in a private world where they are sure of safety, the mask of “boring” can be thrown away immediately, so that the “saucy” instinct can be released. The women’s offense begins when the silence shown by the sullenness represents a sense of sensuality.

Only when men are as deep as water can women’s curiosity be unstoppable. The more ignorant he appeared, the more she could not restrain the temptation and digging. This contains the original beauty of male love and female love. We can imagine that when women sing folk songs to test the man, their temptation to the sullen men is just like the tree spirit in Journey to the West and the man in the Pansi Cave. Spider women, try the Tang monk who looks incomprehensible. When she teased him onto the bed, she was overjoyed: it turned out that he was not really ignorant. The exploration of love suddenly took a turn for the worse, and the GC came to the fore. What’s more, “Family of Immortals” said: “Bad men are either mad or mad, and they don’t have time to be mad. A good man who has some experience in leisure and economic foundations has the material and spiritual foundation for madness.” It’s no wonder why women fall in love with boring men one after another.

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