Smell is very important when you like someone

One of the most important factors in judging whether I like someone is the smell. The day after I stay with him for the night, if I can’t restrain the urge to change the sheets and duvet covers, then I don’t like him. .

I can’t even allow his smell to stay in my domain, of course I just don’t like him.

Because the taste contains not only a person’s hygiene habits, but also the food he likes, the sheets he uses, whether he likes to stay up late, whether he keeps exercising… All these experiences, choices, habits and preferences make up the smell of a person.

Therefore, in fact, everyone’s taste is completely different. Some people smell clean but make me irritable, and some people are refreshing but always make me want to get away from him.

There are other people who have a very good smell on them, I can’t describe what the smell looks like, but I know it makes me want to get close, and I can’t help but want to put my nose in his neck. Smell everywhere makes me want to keep his scent in all my territory.

There is that kind of person. His knowledge, career, appearance, body… are all very good, but there is something about him that I always resist.

At such times, my brain would try to deceive me into believing that I actually liked him, but the instinct deep in my consciousness could not resist the urge to change the sheets.

In fact, how can human beings be as advanced as they think they are? What they fight against and follow has always been only their own animal instincts.

Find the smell you like and keep that smell.

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