Smell can make us meet love, so does it affect sex?

The effect of smell on sex

The aforementioned study investigated the preference for body odor of strangers (potential mates), so how does odor affect people in a relationship?

Smell is a powerful mechanism for human communication (including sexual communication), and although its importance currently seems to be inferior to sight, touch, etc., some studies have shown that it has a certain impact on sexual relationships.

Some studies have shown that most people in a relationship like their partner’s scent (after all, they’ve gone through pre-relationship screening), and in one survey study, 77% of heterosexuals thought their partner’s scent was soothing. People are pleasant or very pleasant.

Sexual Effects of Smell on Women

In terms of preference, women prefer scents that are perceived as “dominant” on men. However, it is unclear whether men’s testosterone levels can predict body odor attractiveness, as some of the current studies have been inconsistent.

A study found that women in relationships experience “comfortable feelings” by smelling something belonging to their partner when they’re apart. In the study, women reported that smelling things like their partner’s T-shirt or pillow made them feel closer to their partner, helping them feel less anxious and more comfortable.

Sexual Effects of Smell on Men

In 2019, a study published in Biological Psychology investigated men’s sexual responses to women’s sweat during the follicular and luteal phases of the menstrual cycle. During both phases, the women provided sweat samples in both sexually aroused and normal states.

The researchers found that men felt more sexually aroused when they smelled sweat from a woman’s follicular phase compared to sweat from the luteal phase. Genital arousal increased when the men studied smelled sweat on the bodies of women who were sexually aroused during the luteal phase.

Some research findings also suggest that certain scents in the human body may induce reciprocal responses. Negative emotions such as anxiety can lead to negative empathic responses. For example, the smell produced by women when they are sad and crying can reduce male libido. Therefore, most body odors in a negative emotional state may reduce a partner’s libido.

Effects of loss of smell on sex

In a 2018 paper published in Biological Psychology, scientists proposed another link between smell and sexual desire. They compared a group of 100 (52 women, 48 men) patients with anosmia with 51 (32 women, 19 men) normal smellers.

It was found that 29 percent of those in the olfactory disorder group reported a decrease in their sex drive, and that reduction began with the onset of olfactory disorder. (But it is worth noting that these people also have insomnia symptoms, so the smell disorder and decreased libido may not be an absolute causal relationship.) They generally reported that “can’t smell the smell of the partner’s body”, “I miss the smell of the partner’s body very much”, etc. .

This does reflect, in part, that the loss of smell affects sexual arousal to a partner.

And having a good sense of smell does help people respond to their partner’s emotional and physical needs, which may have a positive effect on couples in close relationships.

So, everyone knows how important the original taste of your body is? It is also very important to pay attention to maintaining personal hygiene.

Don’t affect the body’s original smell because you don’t pay attention to cleanliness. You should also pay attention to the unsanitary bacteria breeding and producing peculiar smell, or spraying large doses of perfume in pursuit of “sweetness”, or going in and out of tobacco and alcohol entertainment venues contaminated with smoke smell. and other odors.

I won’t say much about the effects of these on health, but we must know that taste has a certain degree of influence on meeting love and maintaining sexual relations!

How do you feel that after reading these studies and then meeting a good little brother on the road, you may have to say “I’m sorry, I’m sorry to disturb you, can I smell you?”, and then proceed to the next step after confirming the smell?

Smell may be one of the factors that affects the generation and maintenance of sexual relations, but there are too many other factors besides smell – appearance, three views, life philosophy, character, hobbies, reliability, long-term development potential, etc.~

Smell can never be the only cause when we decide to connect with a person, nor can any single factor be the only cause.

Everyone is three-dimensional and multi-faceted, and the comprehensive consideration and judgment of the various information we have received will affect our final decision.

Taste may be the beginning of your mutual attraction, just like “smells congruent”, where “taste” refers not only to taste, but more to interests, concepts, living habits, character, ability, etc… And what really determines whether you can The inability to get together, or even how far to go, is the combined result of the above.

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