Sleep and sex: having sex in the morning is also a good experience

From an empirical point of view, lack of sleep or fatigue directly affects a person’s desire for X, which naturally includes both physiological and psychological.

Dr. Raleigh Mintz, a sex expert at the University of Florida, mentioned in the book “The Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex”: Sleep and sex often have a “progress and retreat” relationship. Lack of sleep can lead to sexual problems, and lack of sex will also Lead to sleep disorders; and good sleep can make sexual desire stronger, sex pleasure can improve the quality of sleep.

It is no exaggeration to say that having sex is an effective means of curing insomnia. It can promote sleep from two aspects. On the one hand, making love can be regarded as an exercise that consumes physical energy. After strenuous exercise, the body is tired and helps sleep; on the other hand, in the process of making love, the human body will also It secretes some substances that promote sleep, and which substance works, has not found an exact unified statement.

Therefore, when you are insomnia, you might as well pull up the person next to your pillow and have a hearty sex.

Usually, people have a kind of thinking inertia, thinking that it is more appropriate to have sex at night, and more conservative film and television dramas are generally performed like this. As soon as the lights are turned off, the double movement will start before going to bed.

From a woman’s perspective, what I’m trying to say is that morning is actually a “good time” to have sex.

When a woman is sexually aroused, a clear, smooth fluid appears on the surface of the vaginal mucosa. Masters and Johnson, who inserted a transparent penis-like camera into the vagina, found that vaginal lubrication is the result of pelvic vascular congestion. The rich vascular network surrounding the vagina engorged tissue oozes clear fluid to the surface of the vaginal wall, forming a unique smooth surface within the X-excited vagina.

Let’s call this clear and smooth liquid love liquid. In “Our Sex”, it is mentioned that the secretion of love liquid has two main functions. Aids in conception, as sperm move faster and live longer in an alkaline environment than in an acidic environment; on the other hand, love fluids lubricate the vagina, which can enhance the x-pleasure of thrusting.

The amount of love fluid secreted by a woman’s body has a great relationship with sleep. The more sleep you have, the more love fluid you will secrete. Similarly, adequate sleep can also significantly increase libido. A survey shows that couples who sleep more than 6 hours a day have more sex and higher marital satisfaction; those who sleep less than 6 hours have sex problems. The odds were higher; 78% of partners who slept 7-8 hours a day said they had a good sex life.

After entering the workplace, people’s lives are too tired and unbearable, but they still need to sleep well and save enough energy. You can choose to have sex with your heart on weekend mornings, to get rid of all emotional bombs temporarily, then sleepiness strikes, and then take a nap, I am afraid that the coldness of winter will not be able to break this warm and quiet moment.

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