Shy girls are more loyal

When choosing a mate, if you meet a very shy opposite sex and a generous and never restrained opposite sex, what would you think?

Of course, people who are generous and generous are often more likely to open up the barriers of communication with others and leave a good impression on people, while shy people often make people feel that they lack passion, indecision, and are prone to embarrassment.

However, if a person is ashamed to “hook up” others, wouldn’t it be safer to be a partner? A person who is very shy also just shows that he takes a more serious attitude towards things and considers the ideas of outsiders more, so he unconsciously restrains his behavior. Therefore, on Valentine’s Day, you might as well find a shy person to fall in love and marry, so that you will also have a better chance of harvesting happiness!

Are you shy easily? Answering “yes” shows that you are a reliable, generous, and emotionally loyal person. This is not groundless, but a scientific conclusion drawn by Matthew Feinberg, a Ph.D. in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and his colleagues.

The researchers told several college students shy and embarrassing stories and rated their shyness. The college students then played a game in economics research to measure their loyalty and generosity.

It was found that the shy participants were the most generous and reliable. In another study, researchers looked at embarrassment, cooperation and generosity among 38 other participants who completed the same game. Dr. Rob Weller, a social psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley, said that shyness can be used as an “emotional signature” to judge trustworthiness, which can help promote social interaction and build interpersonal trust and cooperation.

Shy people can also play hot

Shyness may be natural. Shy is typically characterized by fear of many things, including embarrassing situations, fear of strangers, fear of making decisions, and being easily startled. In interpersonal communication, shy people are also prone to embarrassment, but the embarrassment will not last long. After getting along for a long time, shy people can adapt, and the shyness gradually subsides, especially when there are not many people around, they are not easily embarrassed.

Many men think it’s better to marry a shy woman because she is shy and will not leave herself to find other men in the future. Psychologists pointed out that shy people may be afraid when they start to interact with strangers, and it is a little difficult to establish social contacts, but once this step is crossed, the strangeness between people will fade away quickly, because the act of love is only two things. things between individuals.

In fact, shy people are eager to overcome social barriers in order to improve their self-image, and love is their ideal testing ground. Also, shy people aren’t lacking in passion, it’s just that they only have strong emotional outbursts on a small scale, such as when only one or a few people are present.

Once you give a shy person a “opportunity”, they are not as “inadequate” as you think on the surface. On the contrary, when you combine with a shy person, you will have a good chance to reap a happy intimacy.

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