Should I be honest with my partner about past sexual experiences?

Nowadays, the marriage of men and women is often not the first love. Most of them have been in love several times. So, should you tell your spouse candidly about your past love experience or even sexual experience with others?

Husbands and wives should trust each other and treat each other faithfully. Therefore, in principle, their past sexual experiences should not be concealed, and this kind of frank disclosure should be made before marriage, not after marriage. In doing so, on the one hand, one shows one’s trust and loyalty to the other party, and on the other hand, whether the other party is reasonable, trusting and understanding oneself is also a test.

However, some specific details of past events can be ignored, because these specific details do not affect the essence of the matter, and talking about them will not have a positive effect on the emotional development of both parties. There is such a young couple who got married after falling in love. The relationship between the two sides is very good. The woman had a boyfriend in the past, and the two were in love, but they broke up for various reasons. The husband now also knows about this matter. One night, the couple were sitting on the sofa watching TV while making out, and the husband suddenly asked, “Has that friend of yours ever made out with you so much?” Hard to answer. If the man in the past kissed her, hugged her, and stroked her like this, what good would it do to consolidate and develop the current marital relationship? So the wife avoided answering the question directly, just kissing her husband and saying, “I’ve never loved anyone more than I have loved you.”

The wife’s actions are right and clever, but it seems inappropriate for the husband to ask such questions. To be honest, love is not unconditional, but it must be subordinated to the consolidation and development of the relationship between husband and wife. this purpose. It can be seen that it is right to tell your spouse about your sexual experience, but you must grasp the proportions and do not affect the relationship between you because of the past. In this regard, whether it is a husband or a wife, you must maintain a certain mind, after all, that is all It’s a thing of the past.

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