Should erotic lingerie be worn for men?

If it is said that external clothing is a manifestation of social identity and underwear is an extension of self, then sexy underwear is the embodiment of lust.
When it comes to lingerie, what comes to your mind?

Sexy garter? Alluring thongs?

Hot little nurse? Or a pure sailor suit?

While these keywords always sound red-faced, they all seem to point to the same purpose – to please men.

So, is the only function of women wearing erotic lingerie to flatter men? Some people will have doubts on this issue. In this regard, we feel that the answer is “yes” and “no”.

As for why you say this, let’s take a look at how erotic underwear came to the stage of history?

The first corsets with erotic functions can be traced back to ancient Greece around 2000 BC.

This corset with a rigid frame was born in Crete, Greece. It was not made for support or comfort, but to accentuate the curves of the body so that women could tease their husbands.

During the Renaissance in the West, similar to the Chinese people’s fascination with bound feet, the admiration for corsets also began to go to extremes. Even if many women are out of breath, their organs and internal organs are even squeezed into shape by tough underwear, ranging from unconsciousness to loss of life… but they still cannot escape this centuries-old dress code and Aesthetic interest.

A corset is beautiful, but that slender waist comes at the expense of health
From this point of view, the earliest sexy underwear in history is not so much a prop to set off the beauty of a woman’s body, but a torture tool imposed on women to satisfy the aesthetic taste of men, right?

The history of men’s appreciation and self-entertainment is also a history of women’s blood and tears. In the aesthetic dominance of the hegemonic side, women’s self-consciousness has been absent for a long time.

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