Should DIY be done without telling your boyfriend?

DIY, also known as masturbation, is an activity that brings pleasure to oneself.

When it comes to DIY, many friends have their own confusion, such as worrying too much, fear of affecting sensitivity… When discussing this topic, I occasionally get asked: When you DIY, are you not afraid of being discovered by your boyfriend ?

This question is very classic, and it also reveals that the public still has too much ignorance and misunderstanding about female masturbation.

Girls, do you know how to DIY?

Do women masturbate? How do they masturbate?

According to my own experience, among the 20-35 year old women around me, most of them have the habit of DIY with small toys. But I also know that there are sex toy testers, female community practitioners, feminists… I can’t come to the conclusion around the world that “women are happy to masturbate”, because my friends, originally It’s easier to unlock skills that delight you.

So I checked the Internet and found that the sex brand TENGA once published a report in 2018. It cooperated with PSB Research and Boya Public Relations to investigate the “self-pleasure behavior of 1008 people between the ages of 18-74. Habit”. This report should be more accurate than my personal opinion, so let’s take a look.

1) The report states that 80% of men do DIY, but only 48% of women have done so.

However, among those who masturbated, the frequency of females (3.1 times/week) was slightly higher than that of males (2.3 times/week) – I suspect, this is in line with the traditional concept of “masturbating too much” in males, and the refractory period longer related. From this perspective, women may have more opportunities to unlock “multiple orgasms”?

Regrettably, the proportion of Chinese women masturbating ranks last in the world, which is probably inseparable from sexual shame education. The following survey results also add to this point: the reasons why Chinese people do not masturbate, men are mainly because they do not want to masturbate too much, and women are because they do not want to touch themselves – want to say to these women: this is your own body, Why be afraid to touch her?

2) While 72% of men watch movies to help them enjoy doing DIY, 68% of women like to do so (including the author himself).

However, it is worth mentioning that most of the pornographic films on the market are from a male perspective, and are full of plots that abuse women, which makes women gain sexual pleasure and may also be aroused by unpleasant emotions.

If you’ve discovered that you don’t like the way traditional porn is shot, then you can try female-oriented AV.

3) Why masturbate?

Men’s answer is “release stress”, for them, DIY is more like a “substitute” when they lack a sexual partner; while women are more inclined to “self-satisfaction”, with or without a partner, this is an impossible task. superseded activity.

Interestingly, many women will use DIY to “soothe the nerves and help sleep”, which is estimated to be related to the “drowsiness” caused by the secretion of oxytocin after orgasm.

Although the survey did not mention the masturbation methods used by women, reports such as Heidi Sexology Report (Women) have pointed out that women more often stimulate the clitoris by pinching their legs and rubbing their vulva with their hands. This achieves self-satisfaction.

After all, nearly 8,000 nerve endings are distributed on the clitoris, twice as many as the penis, and more than any other part of the human body – which shows that the role of the clitoris in female orgasm cannot be underestimated. Even the American writer Natalie Angel said, “The clitoris, is such a pure sexual organ, that it does not double as an endocrine or excretory organ… It is a private joke, a sacred secret, an open and full of laughter.” sound, not a sad Pandora’s box.”

Therefore, female masturbation is not something that needs to be guilt, she is the right given to us by God to please ourselves.

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