Sexy men in women’s eyes look like this

There are many good words to describe men, but I like sexy men very much. What is it like to be sexy in a man? Is it a exposed chest, or a chest muscle?

1. Take pictures with your buddies

Nowadays, people like to take selfies, so that they can show their best side. But a study abroad found that men are more handsome when they take group photos than when they are alone. The researchers say it’s a “cheerleader” effect that hides a man’s flaws and makes him appear sexier when taking a group photo.

2. I like children

Many men like children. When they see a child, they will hug and make him happy. According to netizens, men who like children are more popular than those who don’t. Because good behavior towards infants means that they are willing to devote love and energy to future children.

3. With a little stubble

An Australian study found that women thought men with thick stubble looked better than men with clean shaved faces or beards. Scientists believe that thick stubble indicates just the right amount of masculinity.

4. Be kind

Kindness is the most noble character in the world. “In the beginning of man, his nature is good”, but there are not many men who are willing to make selfless sacrifices in such a sinister society. Such men look sexier and more attractive to girls.

5. Take care of pets

I have seen a TV series before, in which the male protagonist has always liked a girl, but he was too afraid to express it. As a result, while walking the dog one day, the girl took the initiative to approach her. A French study found that men who walked their dogs on the street were four times more likely than single men to ask a woman for her phone number. Why is it more attractive for men to walk their dogs? Because men who walk dogs make women feel friendly, attentive, and considerate.

6. Stay strong and thin

A UCLA study found that women rated “thick and thin” men as more sexually attractive than “thin men” who had no muscles and “muscular men” who were too strong.

7. A little childish

Maturity does not mean losing innocence. Lovely men are always a little childish. They can still retain a pure feeling when they are adults. They always treat the things around them with a good attitude, and they will not be for their own ambitions. Abandoning family, they understand what is most important in life. Therefore, this kind of childishness is not a poor self-care ability and life ability, but a kind of emotional dependence.

8. Possessive

No matter how good the character is, no matter how upright the style is, no matter how noble the inner world is, if there is no grace, it will be difficult to impress a woman’s heart. But demeanor does not exclude individuality. Demeanor is related to a person’s temperament, depends on physical quality, represents a person’s personality tendency, and has a great relationship with occupation. For men, grace is a kind of mature beauty.

9. Humor

People with a sense of humour are mostly optimistic, with a positive attitude towards life and an indomitable spirit. Such a man never frowns when he encounters setbacks and adversity. He is still joking and laughing at others, so that he does not feel the pressure of adversity, and makes the heavy life easier and less troublesome.

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