Sexual Imitation

Sex, in many cases, is actually just imitating love, and sex imitates the tenderness and intimacy of love. Of course, sex is one with both sides, good and bad. Sex allows me to experience the intimacy of touching and hugging. Sex allows me to step out of my own world and connect with another individual. Sex allows me to experience an unquestionable sense of self-existence. Pull the soul I want to fly back into the body again, sex activates my body and maybe my mind, sex makes me happy and makes my heart beat. If sex is mixed with power chasing games, psychological games or jealous possession dramas, I am too numb.

Head back to head, dizzy after drinking fake liquor, but finally got down. Once my sexual needs are met by others and I am gentle, then as a woman, I have a feeling of wanting to be clingy and wanting to love others. The sex is intimate and happy and the sex is beautiful, but it’s over, the behemoth in my inner dark door is still hungry sometimes and always feels like it’s not enough to eat, it’s not a problem of persistence not a problem of technology, like this Sex is like a fog preventing me from seeing love.

My test may be wrong, I don’t deny this sexual power, but this power seems to be carried away invisibly and cannot be used by me to lend my help, what’s wrong, maybe I don’t want to admit that what the inner darkness is desperately seeking is True love is self-love and oneness, and because it can’t get love, it expects sex to imitate intimate love, but paradoxically, without this sexual force, the craving for love is as silent as the living dead, belonging. And the desire to go home will not be around the corner.

I also enjoy the heartbeat of the moment of crush (I define this kind of heartbeat as a quick adrenaline release that breaks the routine for a short period of time), crush imitates intimacy and imitates love, in fact, the part I like to play is the early hunt and chase game (I define this kind of chase) In order to briefly break the psychological defense barrier caused by the dangerous excitement), I like the hunting and conquest between the crushes, and I like the contrast that the hunter is actually the prey in the beginning. But after this rapid adrenaline release, you will gradually find that everything is dead again, dead and shriveled, lonely, empty, dark, boundless, ungraspable, I suddenly thought of this feeling as if I was sucking a Only breasts that never come out of water.

In fact, I don’t want to say cruelly, why are you crushing, why are you dating? Because I don’t know how to love, I don’t have the ability to love, I don’t know how to deal with intimacy, and I don’t want to be responsible. I’m really afraid that I can’t afford what others gave me. I’m afraid of others threatening me to give love, because oh, I don’t see my love for myself. It stays on the surface forever, and I long for the essence of truth to go deeper.

When I was in pain and loneliness, I looked for sex, seeking sexual comfort. I tried to use the joy of sex to drive away the pain, loneliness, splitting, and anger. Sometimes I put this emotion into sex to bite and pinch people. I like being spanked, I like stroking and kissing, but nothing seems to fill me. These intimacy can be comforted, but cannot be truly redeemed.

I named this beast the Devourer, it is hungry and thirsty, it is anxious and empty, while it feels that it wants to feel the uniqueness of its own existence and rationality, it also feels that existence is death.

Maybe I’ve never looked deep into a person’s soul, maybe I’ve never opened my brokenness to love, the paradox is that I long for a deep and complete exposure of myself, I want to play adventure games, and I also want to know if I put my brokenness Take it out to love someone and I will not die.

There are differences between men and women because of their gender, and there is no right or wrong.

Sex can be faked through love, but it cannot be replaced. Love can include sex, but sex must not include love. If you compare it to love, it is the king, and sex is the auxiliary king. The relationship between sex and love is harmonious and unified, but in the unconscious stage, sex and love can also be contradictory.

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