Sex tips to make a lady take the initiative to court you

When the night comes and you want to have some fun with your wife, is she reluctant to have sex? In fact, a woman’s sex always comes slowly, and I want her to be horny and take the initiative to tell you I want to , it takes a little effort!

Domineering kiss

Most women have fantasized about the scene where a man presses himself against the wall for a kiss. For a real man, it is of course not advisable to do it softly during sex, as long as it feels like it is suitable for her to be domineering. “At one point, you can definitely try something very masculine; grabbing the hair, holding the wrist, pressing the shoulder, or even lightly slapping is fine, and it will also give her a huge boost, but never hurt her.


It’s not that you can conquer all women by learning a set of excellent love skills. You must know that each woman’s temperament and personality are different, and their requirements in intercourse are also very different. Not only do women differ from woman to woman, but even the same woman will have different needs with different emotions and atmospheres. Learning to observe forms and adapt to changes is the true meaning of martial arts for top masters to “stand alone in the world”.

A dream come true

The moment when the dream comes true should be the happiest moment. And sexual fantasies can often make our sexual affairs more perfect. If you have sexual fantasies, so does your significant other. If you all want to practice, why not give it a try ? It feels like a dream come true, and the thrill ensues.

Hard to catch

It is better for men to use play-by-play in foreplay. At the beginning of foreplay, men can put their hands on the bottom of a woman’s thigh and stroke it back and forth, that is, don’t get close to the sensitive area of ​​​​her private parts. If you keep doing this for five minutes, she will definitely want to beg you for mercy and want to fall in love with you immediately. This trick is tried and tested.

Sweet and romantic

Sweet and romantic sex is what everyone loves. Of course, romantic sex is most inseparable from mood and atmosphere. So slow down, watch a movie with her, have a big meal, have some music, light candles, pour champagne…and create a romantic atmosphere. It’s going to be very romantic until you and her are in bed together. Of course, you need to take the time to love you to savor every detail and step and have fun with the whole process. And sweet and romantic intercourse will make you and your other half closely connected emotionally and physically.

Primitive fascination

Primitive sexual intercourse is the expression of the most primitive desire of human beings. When both parties are in the state, eagerly ripping off each other’s clothes, impulsive intercourse, as simple as animals need. It should be noted that paying proper attention to each other’s feelings and changing the rhythm in a timely manner will also make you very excited

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