Sex is the first test of true love

To love a person is to love the smell on him first. It has nothing to do with taking a shower or spraying perfume. Scent attraction is sexual attraction. It is the instinct of human beings, and the second is to talk about the running-in of getting along and the consideration of three views. If you don’t even like the smell on his body, feel that his hands are like bear’s paws, and touch you a little bit of meat, no matter how long you get along, you can only develop friendship or partner emotions, not true love.

Some people finally choose to marry a friend or partner and try to convince themselves that he is suitable for me; he is good to me; I am not young; every time we break up, it is very uncomfortable, isn’t this love?

Sorry, no. You are just used to his presence, or afraid of a person’s loneliness.

When a person does not know how to choose, he should listen to his heart. However, why are there so many girls who are unwilling to face up to their inner needs, but are willing to listen to the opinions of the seven aunts and eight aunts, and feel that the job is stable and that an honest man can marry? Because most girls grow up in an environment where almost never a “passer” tells us that sex is important.

If you get married just for survival, not for happiness, neither sex nor love has to be considered. This is the old Chinese women’s concept of marriage and love. Now that women are in heaven, the power of this view of marriage and love is still there.

The trilogy of marriage is: sex, love, marriage. Sexual desire is before the feeling of love. With this desire, you may fall in love with him; but sexual behavior is not necessarily before the feeling of love. After all, we are not animals.

Sex is important, it’s what your heart needs. If a girl is unwilling to face up to her inner needs, no matter how much money you make or how many independent slogans you shout, you are not truly independent women. Independent women must first love themselves, and to love oneself is to respect instinct.

The unequal sexual rights will directly lead to the unequal rights of men and women.

In the American drama “Sex and the City”, Sanmansa said that how we behave in bed means how well we live. This sentence may be a bit absolute, but it can be used to neutralize girls who don’t pay attention to sex, and let them understand that a girl is good, including the good sex she has.

Whether in love or marriage, there will always be pain and disappointment in the run-in, and everyone will have countless thoughts of breaking up. What prevents us from making a final decision is sex and money.

Don’t try to get together with the opposite sex you don’t want to have sex with, save time to find true love or live alone. Whether you love him or not depends on whether you want to have sex with him or not. This is a basic idea. Knowing this basic, you won’t spend time building buildings that are doomed to collapse on land with no foundation at all.

There are some truths that you may not want to face, so your dreams are easily shattered.

We must have the ability to simplify the complex. Some common sense may be different from your imagination, and it may not look so beautiful, but don’t question it casually, follow common sense, and you will live better.

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