Sex is the best way to conquer a man

Sex is a particularly serious thing in our education.

During adolescence, most of the reasons why most parents forbid puppy love is because they are afraid that their children will “steal the forbidden fruit.” When they reach the marriageable age, they will always try to have sex with the person they like.

Even today, when a woman has a sexual relationship in a relationship, but fails to maintain the relationship due to various reasons, others will feel that she has suffered a loss.

And after getting married, sex finally becomes a matter of justice, but many people can’t really enjoy it.

According to a survey, 21% of women in the world are suffering from “sexless marriage”.

Behind the “sexless marriage”, pregnancy and childbirth is a watershed. Some men feel that sleeping with their wives is to reproduce. After having children, the task is completed, and sex becomes optional.

Or taking care of children takes up most of the time and energy, and sex becomes a powerless thing. There are also most couples who get along day and night, the freshness disappears, and the sex is not painful or itchy.

Whatever the cause, we see two outcomes of a relationship: the love is there, and the sex is gone.

And love is gone, sex is gone. Among them, whichever result is brought out to see, will cause harm to this relationship.

Sex is the barometer of love.

In psychology, the biggest definition of intimacy is that sex is the first definition of whether you are intimacy with each other.

Emotionally, the existence of sex makes us feel that we are loved, tolerated, and cared for. Those whispers in our ears in the middle of the night, those physical pleasures, and those beautiful tenderness are all unique ways to prove love.

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