Save your smile to those who hurt you the most

“Leave your smile to those who hurt you the most.” This is a sentence I accidentally read, and I remember it deeply after reading it. What a strong and free life this is, how much love and hate it has to experience. It may take a long distance for a man and a woman to go from meeting their heartbeats to their mutual affection, and then to each other’s spiritual calling. From everything being undefended, even their hearts and their bodies are presented to each other innocently, and then to all kinds of things. The tenderness has all turned into a sigh that shakes the soul, and it only takes a brief moment.

When the true love of the past no longer exists, when the flowers of love have been beaten by the autumn rain, people are always accustomed to resting for a long time on the branches of love and singing in a low voice. The tenderness that has passed away, the person who wants to hurt him to change his mind, is determined to take revenge in the same way, but this is not wise, unrestrained and unlovable.

The most appropriate way is to smile at her and say hello to her.

Smile to those who have failed us, and tears to ourselves; give blessings to those who have failed us, and keep pain to ourselves. Without a high level of cultural accomplishment, without a subtle insight into feelings, without a sincere love for the person you love, who can say goodbye with a smile?

It is not easy to leave a smile to ordinary friends, and it is even more difficult to give a smile to those who have let us down. Because the people who hurt us the most are often the ones we love the most. The more we give, the more hurt we feel when we are hurt. However, we have to smile, the relationship itself is a very mysterious and complicated thing. We cannot force others. There are thousands of reasons to love each other, and even one of the thousands of reasons not to love may be untenable. Who can explain the mystery?

Love is unresolved, love is impermanent. We can sacrifice love, but not personality and self-esteem, that is the primary meaning of human life.

Dealing with harm with harm is certainly a way to relieve hatred, but the result of harm can only strengthen your determination to leave the person you love. Love is a double-edged sword, with one end facing each other and the other pointing directly at yourself. Although the catharsis for a while is dripping, the grief of a lifetime is even more unbearable.

Temporary inner balance can only aggravate one’s own bruises, so why bother others and hurt yourself?

Or leave that smile to those who hurt you the most!

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