Roam the world’s top 4 sex museums

Speaking of museums, you will think about art exhibitions or works of art, or antiques, etc. For example, London is the city with the most museums in the world, such as the Natural History Museum, the National Maritime Museum, the British Museum, etc.; but you know that there are also sex museums in the world. What? Yes, that’s right, it’s the “sex” we mentioned shyly, can this also become a museum! Let’s go to the museum elegantly~

01 Amsterdam Sex Museum

In the open Dutch capital Amsterdam, the museum was established in 1985 and is located on the bustling Central Station Street. The ticket price is 5 euros per person; it is one of the first “sex”-themed museums in the world; the facade of this museum is not public enough, if you don’t look carefully, you may miss such a wonderful museum.

The museum has three floors, the first floor is a short corridor, two small halls, and then the second and third floors with the spiral staircase. The contents of the exhibition can be roughly divided into four categories: paintings, photography and sculptures. Most of them are works of art created with the theme of sex or sexual consciousness in human history. There are also works that reflect the worship of Tintin in primitive society, and people also have primitive desires in the natural environment. .

The photography section shows pictures from the beginning of the last century to eroticism, which is a realistic record of human sexual activity and art. There are also nude statues from the Greek and Roman periods, with extremely well-proportioned and realistic postures, and a large copper basin on the second floor is very eye-catching, and the surrounding area is composed of pendants.

From the erotic paintings on scrolls, books, and magnetic bottles, to the dolls made of clay, copper and iron, ivory, and marble, they vividly show the most primitive human lust.

“Sexual desire” is an innate “instinct”, but when everyone wears the mask of morality and ethics, they are tacit and secretive about each other, which makes sexual desire sink into a breeding ground for nurturing pornography.

02 Paris Sex Museum

The Paris Sex Museum is located in a red light district in Paris, which is relatively prosperous nearby. The ticket price is 8 euros per person. It has seven floors, but each floor is only less than 100 square meters. There are no national boundaries here, and the world’s cultural customs are displayed without the boundaries of the times. It is the only museum museum in Paris open day and night, receiving visitors from all over the world 24/7.

Here, various sexual concepts that transcend time and space are expressed in paintings, sculptures, artworks, etc., to express the concepts and views on sexuality at that time, bringing together the different cultures and preferences of sexual art in various eras, you can see Latin America and China and the United States. sexual culture.

The pottery represented by Latin America, Colombia and Peru is bold and free, beautifully crafted so that people can directly feel that sex was beautiful and free for them at that time.

Each floor of the seven-story building has its own splendor and it takes about an hour to go through all of them.


03 Uwajima Concave Temple, Japan

When it comes to the topic of sex, the island country is indispensable. The Uwajima Museum is located at the southern tip of Japan. It was established in the 1970s and 1980s and has undergone the efforts of three generations. The creator is Mr. Katsumaru (the name is really special!)

His son Kubo Takamaru has made this museum a great development, and now it is the third generation of his son and daughter-in-law to manage it. Its gate is a stone archway in the shape of “open”, which is usually found in Japanese shrines. There is also an ancient well in the courtyard. It is said that drinking well water can make boys stronger! (Superstition is unbelievable~)

The formal exhibition hall is a three-story modern building, each floor is about more than 200 square meters, where you can learn about all the history of sex in ancient Japan, habits and their likes to dress up.

04 New York Sex Museum

The pavilion’s theme is “Sex in New York City: How New York City Changed Sex in America,” and the exhibition showcases the sexual milestones New York City has experienced through photographs, posters, art, objects, documents, films, and comics. Admission is $17, and it stipulates that only adults over 18 can visit. Opened on September 23, 2002, it is located at the junction of 5th Avenue and 27th Street in the bustling Manhattan district of New York.

The photos, pictures and objects displayed in the museum are mainly donated by many scholars and wealthy stores with archive materials. Here is a detailed account of the gay and religious young store clerk Anthony Kang on Bow-ery Street in New York in the late 1800s. Stoker rebels against street sex crime crusades, the New York fetish industry, LGBT-initiated activism, and the impact of evolution on America today.

When people come to an exhibition area called “Incomparable Bizarre”, one can see the worship of carnalism. In the “Destroyed Soul” section, the sexual revolution is making a huge impact on the growing mainstream audience with erotic films.

The exhibition ends with “Safety,” the age of AIDS, and how it’s changing an era that’s gone before.

After roaming the world’s four major museums, which one do you want the most?

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