Plain love will be happy to the end

The love that many people imagine must be classic, passionate, romantic, full of temptation and touching, and hope to make this love eternal and enduring. However, after all, this is only our wish. It is today’s literature and other media that have contributed to mislead us, and when we are sensible, it has begun to lead our concept of love into a dead end.

This kind of love burns like a match, emitting a dazzling light in an instant, which can melt two hearts. Some people are even willing to spend their whole lives burning just to enjoy this short-lived happiness. All the matches that have been drawn are just beautiful moments, and all the heartbeats can only settle down slowly, it cannot warm your life. When it burns out, the fragrance of gunpowder smoke will disappear in an instant, leaving an endless loss. In fact, all the splendor is short-lived, it will eventually be attributed to calm.

We always spare no effort to pursue love forever, and we always do everything possible to keep the so-called happy moment, but we don’t know that when the sky is old and the land is desolate, it is just a good wish.

Many people deliberately pursue that kind of vigorous love life, but they are completely unaware that the life around them should be plain, and plain is happiness. The happiness that love brings us is first of all the happiness of the soul. As long as there is a heart that can feel happiness, happiness can be created. A life without extravagance is a happy life, a simple and true life is also a happy life, and a life of indifference and tranquility is also a happy life.

Falling in love is a kind of fate, meeting you in the vast sea of ​​people, and being able to meet in the vast river of time is a gift from God in itself. Love is a tacit understanding. It is a tacit understanding to be able to stay with the most considerate and warm person who is most suitable for you. Falling in love is a feeling, a kind of beauty that requires two hearts to experience and feel. Love is also a kind of giving, it is giving everything for the loved one willingly without any regrets and asking for nothing.

When we are in love with each other, we are attracted to each other. When we have enjoyed the sweetness and romance brought by love, everything will be flat and come back to reality. At times we may wonder if love is over.

Life after love has been reduced to plainness is unpretentious, like a fire, it can give you the warmth of a lifetime. It has no dazzling light, no scorching flames, but it makes you calm as water, makes you comfortable, and can accompany you through countless long winter nights. When you come home from the cold, stretch out your cold hand and let the light fire burn, and your heart will be warmed. All passion will eventually be attributed to a kind of dullness, and I would like to live a warm and dull life with this warm fire.

I like the lyrics of a song: “The most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you slowly, until we are too old to go anywhere, and you still regard me as a treasure in your hand.” The so-called romantic Love can only be manifested in ordinary real life.

One year spent similar, each year is different. Hold on to your own ordinary life, and you will be a happy person. “Holding the hand of the child, bringing the old with the child”, sharing the happiness of life with those who love each other is a gift and the happiest thing. As long as you firmly believe that there is love in ordinary life, then this love can make your life brighter; as long as you get happiness instead of sadness from this love, then you will get a suitable love for you.

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