Physiological reactions of girls when they kiss

Kissing is a way of expressing love between boyfriends and friends, so do you know what kind of physiological reactions girls will have when kissing? What does biting your lip mean when kissing? Follow along with me below.

Kissing is a way of expressing love between boyfriends and girlfriends, so do you know what kind of physiological reactions girls will have when kissing? What does biting your lip mean when kissing?

What is the physiological reaction of girls when kissing?

Kissing is a behavior that occurs naturally when love is strong, and it is also conducive to promoting intimacy and affection between boyfriends and friends. Come and see with the editor what the physiological reaction of girls is when they kiss

1. Rapid heartbeat, dizziness, subconsciously closing eyes and not daring to open them at all

2. When doing saliva exchange activities, you will secrete more saliva unconsciously hahaha, I should not be the first to think so

3. When I kissed a boy for the first time, my brain was completely empty, like a fever, my face was as red as an apple, and I felt that the taste was wonderful and sweet.

4. As the kissing time is long, the hand of the male ticket will always be dishonest… You know, and then (indescribable picture)

5. I will make a humming sound unconsciously, and my body will also twist unconsciously because of the long kiss. Anyway, my boyfriend thinks this kind of reaction is very sexy~

6. The whole body will feel very cool, the hand will wrap his arms around him unconsciously, and the whole body will feel like an electric shock! And when he gently bit my lip, it was really numb, and those who have experienced it will understand!

7. The kissing skills of the male ticket are very good. They will change from shallow to deep and from slow to fast, and then keep teasing you, making you want to push him on the bed immediately if you can’t hold it!

8. It will get wet, it will get wet, it will get wet

9. Boyfriend’s kissing skills are so good that he can fly, and if he disagrees, he wants to have sex! The limbs are stiff and unable to move, anyway, the whole body is being taken advantage of, and I want to be thrown down in my heart.

What does biting your lip mean when kissing?

Lightly biting, biting the other person’s lip lightly while kissing, may represent a desire for a sexual relationship.

Single-lip kiss, a single-lip kiss is to only kiss each other’s general lips when kissing. This kind of kissing method can make each other feel more happy than a fierce kiss.

A cheek kiss, a cheek kiss with the other half actually conveys a more direct love, just like telling the other party that I love you directly, it is a very romantic way.

The closed-lip kiss, this kind of kissing method does not touch the tongue and saliva, which means that it is also a little shy and closed, suitable for couples who have just been dating.

French kiss, French kiss is a tongue kiss, which represents the meaning of wanting to know more about the place. It may also be out of curiosity or uncertainty, so the tongue is used to explore each other.

How to kiss more

1. Be prepared and make sure the atmosphere and timing are appropriate.

2. Take it easy, take a deep breath, don’t squeeze your neck and shoulders too tightly

3. Hold each other with expressions, pay attention to the position of your hands, relax your body and don’t be like a dead fish

4. Start with a gentle kiss and gradually, don’t be violent at the beginning. It may frighten the other party, or you can close your eyes.

5. When the kiss is halfway, it is the beginning of the main event. Slowly open your mouth, nudge the other person’s lips with your tongue, and induce him to open his mouth.

6. Then, it is also very gentle, don’t be too impatient, stick your tongue into the other party’s mouth, and tease his tongue naughty

7. At this time, at the same time, you must carefully observe the body language of the other party. If the other party feels nervous or resisted, finally withdraw your naughty tongue as soon as possible.

8. If the other party also opens their mouths and “fights” with you, you can continue with confidence and bet a little more enthusiasm

9. During the kissing period, the saliva will increase. Don’t forget to swallow the saliva, but don’t move so big that the other party notices it. It takes time to accumulate experience.

10.Keep your tongue loose, but hold your lips tightly to prevent drool all over the place. This is the whole secret weapon of how to kiss.

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