People get older, sex is still there. A question despised by young people

In the novel “Love in the Time of Cholera,” the protagonist describes aging like this: “Aging is an unseemly state that should be stopped in time. The only consolation is the slow and benevolent demise of sexual desire: the tranquility of sex.”

Even for men who were once good sex workers, sexual peace was something that had to be accepted.

But sexual calm doesn’t mean it disappears all at once.

Sexual calm is the same as human aging, which increases little by little every day, but the process is not obvious.

Therefore, when young people see that the elderly still have sexual needs, they are surprised; the elderly are surprised to find that they have sexual desires in old age.

The topic of sex, in our conservative culture, is sometimes difficult for young people to talk about, let alone the sex of the elderly, even more difficult to accept.

Young people: Still having sex at such a young age? ridiculous

Young people and middle-aged people don’t care about the sex life of the elderly and think that they should not have this need anymore. Even if they know there is, they feel that the picture is not beautiful enough and do not want to understand it.

On the other hand, the conservative sex culture makes it difficult for the elderly to express their needs.

Yesterday, I saw an advertisement in the subway station.

the billboard says

“Intimacy never gets old.”

“Touch never gets old.”

The sex life of dry wood and fire may only be available when you are young, but sex and love will not disappear completely with age.

Sex is elevated.

Intense sex is not necessarily required for older partners.

Sometimes, simply looking at each other, touching and hugging, and communicating on an equal footing are expressions of love and can be sexually satisfying.

People age, but sex and love never go out of style.

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