Penis hardness is more important than size

Studies have shown that hardness is the most basic element of men’s sex life. If the penis is not hard, the next thing will be difficult.

In sexual medicine, the requirements for the hardness of the male genitals are much higher than the requirements for the length, so we often hear the symptoms of “no lift”, and rarely hear the problem of the penis being too long or too short.

“Viagra” became an instant hit because it solved the problem of hardness, regardless of length.

Penis strength reflects men's sexual health

In addition, the firmness of the penis can directly reflect the health information of men’s physical strength, relaxed mood, moderate sexual intercourse, etc. It is also helpful for both parties to achieve orgasm.

However, the peak period of erection hardness overlaps with the peak period of sexual desire. It may be the highest at the age of 30, and then gradually decline. Men should correctly recognize this point and cannot one-sidedly pursue hardness and ignore the physiological basis.

Is it a problem to always want to grow longer?

Maybe many Ding friends want to say that they always want to grow bigger, do they also have psychological problems? of course not.

There is a saying that everyone has the love of beauty. According to a 2005 University of California survey, 45 percent of men would like their penis to get bigger. After all, this involves the issue of face in front of your partner.

In fact, because of the misunderstanding of subjective understanding, these worry knowledge can get rid of this psychological shadow as long as they have a correct understanding. Such people cannot be classified as mentally ill.

But if you still have serious psychological symptoms after enlightenment, you should go to a psychiatrist.

In fact, many diseases in men are very common, but many people are deceived by some so-called “home remedies” because of many misunderstandings and failing to correctly view their diseases.

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