Obama’s 3 Big Dating Tips

Obama is proud of his officialdom and his love. Even under the pressure of the 2012 U.S. presidential election, Obama jokingly shared his top three tips for dating his wife, Michelle.

Knowing art will leave a deep impression

Obama and Michelle had their first date at the Art Institute of Chicago. Obama felt that only when a person understands art can he reveal his temperament and talent. People who read poetry and books will make people feel elegant in conversation; people who understand musical instruments will make people feel that life is full of charm; people who understand collection and appreciation will make people feel profound and meaningful.

Modern women have higher and higher cultural requirements when choosing a mate, because women’s knowledge level is getting higher and higher. No one wants to spend a lifetime with a person who only makes money but has no taste or common topics. If at home, a person talks to you about the stock market all day long, you are not qualified to be an audience; if you talk to him about romantic piano, his ears seem to be deaf, how can this kind of life last for a long time?

Fashion and freshness will be full of fun

No matter how you look at it, Obama doesn’t look like a fashionable person, but he left Michelle with a stylish, sharp and sensitive impression. It is truly unbelievable.

Women will never like old and decadent things, which can be seen from the fact that women like to buy new clothes, new shoes, and fresh tastes. Therefore, it is difficult for a person who is separated from fashion and fresh information to win the favor of women. Just imagine, if a man talks with you about history and old-fashioned way of life every day, what fun is there in life?

Being related to fashion does not mean that men need to know beauty and fashion. Every industry has fresh information, every period of time there will be new fashion trends in society, and every period of time there will be fresh jokes on the Internet. This information can become a common topic for two people, and it can also add a lot of fun to life.

Although it is true that it is plain and bland, plain does not mean boring. There are also poor people who are poor, there is no fun in life, and no matter how luxurious life is, it can only lead to erosion.

Ordinary is romance: love has nothing to do with status

Is it any different for the US president and the first lady to date? No. Ordinary is romantic. When Obama and Michelle were dating, they often did mundane things like eating big meals, going for walks, and watching movies. Ordinaryness is like a mirror, which can reflect many aspects of people’s characteristics. It was in these mundane events that Michelle learned many of the characteristics of Obama’s character.

The vitality of love lies in the word “appropriate”. Love has nothing to do with status. If in love, two people only show their best side, live the best life, and do the most romantic thing, how can they know whether they are suitable for each other? Rather than gradually discovering each other’s shortcomings and making a fuss after getting married, it is better to show them when they are in love and run in with each other. The problem is found in the love stage, how can the wedding be not happy

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