Now I prefer a slower relationship between the sexes

Now I prefer a slower relationship between the sexes.

The two spend a little more time chatting with each other

Occasionally find some time to go out to watch a movie and have a meal together

Take a moment to understand your own preferences and habits

Even with sex, take it slowly and gradually

I don’t like the one that’s too rough, and I don’t like the one that’s too fast

In short, I need a familiar process, a slow process

In the end, love each other in the same way

Some boys don’t like me gradually after they get me

And I love him more and more, I’m really afraid of this kind of boy who doesn’t know how to cherish

I think I will meet someone who loves me very much

Whether I have long hair or short hair, whether I am thin or fat

He will always love me no matter if I wear makeup or face up

I can tolerate my petty temper, and I can also get rid of my bad temper for him

Can slowly find a way to roll the sheets that make us all comfortable with each other

We’re not together for anything else, just simply because of love

Everything can be slow, but once you meet it, I hope it’s you for the rest of my life

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