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As one of the derivatives of party culture and drinking culture in North America, Hookup Culture is believed to have been secretly curious or talked with friends after Chinese students came to North America. Today, as a witness, I will tell you what this familiar and unfamiliar North American “sex culture” is in Western values, as well as the role of a woman in this subculture and how to protect herself at parties.

What is sex culture?

According to the professional definition of the American Psychological Association (APA) and Wikipedia, hookup culture refers to a more casual sexual behavior without the need to establish an emotional foundation. The word HOOKUP is actually an umbrella term, and its definition is actually rather ambiguous in my opinion. It does not necessarily refer to sexual behavior only. It also includes Casual Sex, One Night Stand, and Friend with benefit.

The emergence of sexual culture and related data

The emergence of sexual culture and related data

The word hookup was first introduced in the United States in the 1920s, and the rise of various forms of entertainment gave young people an opportunity to freely explore their sexuality. In the blink of an eye, in 1960, due to the rise of the sexual liberation movement and various affirmative action movements, “sex” gradually ceased to be a topic of conversation. And it was this series of movements and sexual liberation that brought hookups into popular culture. With the general delay of the modern people’s reproductive and family-building age, coupled with the early puberty, many young people are often not mentally and physically ready to “settle down” or start a family (Bogle, 2007; Garcia & Reiber, 2008), and these factors are also the reasons for the emergence of Hookup.

A set of data that surprised me compares the frequency of sex in North America in the 1980s and 1990s and today. According to the statistics of sociologist Martin Monto and his student Anna Carey, 65.2% of college students from 1988 to 1996 had weekly ( or more frequently), while only 59.3% of contemporary college students achieve this frequency. Perhaps in the typical stereotype of North American campuses, many people will instinctively feel that their lifestyles are very messed up compared to decades ago, but this set of data just shows the sexual concept of contemporary college students represented by North America. In fact, it is not more open than their parents, and even a little more conservative than them.

The current status of Hookup culture

Up to now, the most frequent hook up frequency is the dating software such as Tinder or Bumble, which are very popular in North America. I have played it for a while, and roughly 60% of the people above are for hookup or FWB purpose. . Similarly, the party of North American college students is also a high-occurrence segment of hookups. As you may know, North American universities have a Greek system, which has different Chapters named after different Greek letters, that is, what you often hear is that it is Philanthrophy, but it is actually social ( social) as the main purpose of the Fraternity (Sorority), the daily life after joining the membership is to socialize every day or hold internal or external parties, each chapter will have its own villa to hold the party, accompanied by There are often Hookups.

Using the word “drinking sex” to describe the casual hook up behavior of men and women at parties, we can see the domestic rejection of this kind of behavior. The word hook up is mostly marked with social stigma in China. However, I feel that hooking up or a sexual relationship under the premise that safety measures are in place is not a shameful thing. As an independent individual, each of us has the right to control our own body, but in exercising this This right must be accompanied by awareness of the necessary consequences and a certain degree of sexual common sense. According to a Web-based survey, up to 27% of the group felt embarrassed after hookup, and up to 25% felt emotional disturbance of varying degrees (Lewis et al., 2011). Another set of data proves that frequent hookups reduce people’s self-esteem (Paul et al., 2000). Not to mention the various sequelae caused by this behavior, such as the inability to handle a normal relationship due to too many appointments, the high risk of STD, the choice of contraceptive methods, and so on.

as a woman

In addition, I have to admit that the female group is indeed a very disadvantaged party in this culture. Here is a very interesting question. Everyone knows that the most important thing before applauding is the consent, but a woman who is drunk, even unconscious but not incapacitated at all, does it count? ? If both parties are drunk, can women be counted as victims? So I went to check the criminal laws of Canada and the United States and found that the criminal laws of both the U.S. imperialists and the Maple Leaf countries clearly state that as long as the other party is “conscious during the activity,” in a legal sense, consent is to do the math. Yes, unless incapacitation, which refers to situations where the victim has absolutely no idea what is going on. To put it simply, as long as you don’t drink to pieces, you must be responsible for your consent. Having said so much above, as a girl who has just finished her freshman year and has relevant experience, what I want to say is that in the dating culture, the female group is obviously in a disadvantaged position.



For those who have never been there but are eager to try it out for whatever reason, no matter whether it is boys or girls, I can tell you clearly that unlike domestic dancers, quite a few of the people who go to the party are Have a clear purpose such as one night stand or hookup, so when there is a little brother (…or a young lady?) who explicitly invites you to dance 1v1 with you, please don’t foolishly believe that the other party is really just being there. Invite yourself to dance. The little guys I meet at parties usually invite me to dance first, and then have varying degrees of intimacy after dancing together for a while. Of course, I’m not absolute, I just want to remind you guys to be mentally prepared. The special thing here is that the party I am referring to is the kind of larger party with a social purpose. The number of people attending is generally more than 100. Like other small gatherings for the purpose of circle gatherings, it is generally a lot easier.

Secondly, if a girl goes, she must not go alone. It is best to find three or more friends. It is best to have a boy to accompany you, but at least two people must go together. The reason is as I mentioned earlier, an oral consent made in an alcoholic state has legal benefits, and as long as you are still able to take care of yourself, even if you make an insincere promise in a sober state, it will always count as a consent. Therefore, at this time, the mutual care between girls becomes extremely important. Of course, if you also go with the purpose of hookup, it is another matter.

Finally, I want to say that kissing without knowing each other still has certain risks. There are several STDs that can be transmitted through the mouth. Two of the more common ones are HSV and CMV. With extreme bad luck, it is possible to get HIV. Knowing these risks, it is recommended that you seriously ask each other’s medical history before preparing to kiss (mother laughs). And before the intimate contact, the answerer suggested that the small partner first ask who the other party is, such as what major and what faculty. I went to a big party held by the school a week ago. One of the girls who was with us hooked up a little brother at the party. At first, it felt good until after a few rounds, I found out that this little brother is actually She is the professor of a class next semester. Therefore, before deciding what to do, you must be cautious and cautious, and it is impossible to stress how many times. Guys, you must choose wisely.

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