No one is “half” of anyone

People who love each other like to say: you belong to me, I belong to you; or you are half of me, and I am half of you. This love language expresses each other’s feelings and also planted the seeds of tragedy.

No one’s “half” of another Many people who love each other like to say when their relationship is broken, they have different personalities, different interests, and different aspirations. In fact, this is the “half” concept at play. Why must it be the same, the same? There are no two identical leaves in the world, and no two identical snowflakes. Could there be two identical people?

They do not appreciate each other, but transform each other; instead of respecting each other, they possess each other. So love has soured, and divorce is natural. I remember that it was written in a book that the reason for disputes between lovers is that they regard love as a carving knife, and they always want to use this knife to sculpt each other in line with their ideals. In fact, if we only pay a little attention to the life around us, we will find that many people hold such a knife in their hands. According to the principle of “you are half of me”, they are carefully carving the people they love. What about sculpting a man who has lost himself? Therefore, the different personalities and interests become the finished product under the knife, and the ending is naturally a breakup. In fact, we should understand that each person is a complete person with his own unique “interest” and “personality”, and is a piece of art with style, not a “stone” or “earth” waiting to be carved.

Love is an appreciation, not possession and transformation. In fact, the reason is very simple. When you appreciate a piece of art, a piece of wonderful music, a beautiful article or an intoxicating landscape painting, your whole heart must be intoxicated. The same is true of love. Both parties appreciate each other, and they will be immersed in infinite happiness. And the love of possession or transformation will only bring shackles and pain to the other party. Who wants a love like a cage and a lover with a carving knife?

Love should always surround you like sunshine, making you feel warm and bright, but not restricting you. I think this is the true face of love. Stop saying you belong to me, I belong to you, I’m not half, you’re not half, we’re all whole. We need friendship and love, but not cages and chains. We need companions on the road of life, chatting and laughing through the sometimes flat and sometimes bumpy road of life, reaching the top of a beautiful life, and jointly creating a beautiful and meaningful life.

I am not half of you, and you are not half of me, I do not belong to you, you do not belong to me, we belong to ourselves.

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