No one can help you except yourself

No one can help you except yourself, everyone is recalling their own memories, everyone is clinging to their own attachments, everyone is playing their own role, everyone is living their own In our life, we always have things that we can’t do. If we always stop, we will only be farther away from success.

I remember that in my most ignorant and purest years, like other girls, I had a longing for the future, although I was not beautiful, although I was ordinary, but I still had a dream like a fairy tale, At that time, in my eyes, the whole world was so beautiful,

At that time, there was a boy who was chasing me. He was so handsome. He liked me very persistently. All my classmates envied me.I am very fierce, but it didn’t change him at all. It went on like this for two years. In the end, just because I was moved by him, I had the first love in my life. No matter what I said, he obeyed me, no matter who we quarreled with. He admits his fault in the end, no matter how much I treat him too much, he never gets angry, no matter how bad my temper is, he never complains, no matter how good he is, even if he has a heart that loves me very much, I am not a bad guy. A cold-blooded person, my heart cannot be unshakable, just because he is too good, I chose to give up, I know very well in my heart, love is not moved, and moved is not love, so I would rather he hate me, I also don’t want to deceive him. When we broke up, he begged me bitterly, searched for me madly, and fell into a self-absorbed state. Looking at him like that, for a moment, I felt distressed and cried silently. But in the end, I couldn’t change my decision. Not long after we broke up, he left his hometown. I remember seeing him again almost a year later. He changed completely. What hasn’t changed is that he still He still loves me, just in a different way, but that comes to me, no matter how hard he tries, no matter how he changes, it doesn’t work at all, if I like him, I will love him, even if he doesn’t change, I will. , in the end, I still, as always, decided,

Years later, when you truly fall in love with someone, you will understand how tolerant you are, how much you love, how much you care, how much you love, how persistent you are, if you love someone who doesn’t love yourself. He is so sad and so helpless, and finally realized how painful the pain I once gave him is, time can’t go back, people can’t go back, what’s lost will never come back , since the damage has already been done, it cannot be remedied. Although there is a chance in the end, it will not be as perfect as before. Maybe this is a required course in life, and it is the true meaning that everyone must understand. will give us such a fair treatment so fairly,

I don’t regret that I loved like this, even if I’m scarred, I don’t regret hurting him, I also scarred him, maybe this is what we have to face in the end, it’s just that I met someone else , he met me, it was like changing seats when reading a book, yesterday I was at the same table with him, he liked me, but I didn’t like him, so I chose to change seats, but I was at the same table with others, I liked him, but He doesn’t like me, so he chooses to change seats, just like this, we exchange each other, no one knows who will be next at the same table, who will ask for a seat first, but we must all firmly believe that, sooner or later we will In such an exchange, there will be a person who both likes each other, no need to worry about who will leave and who will stay,

Suddenly, this memory hurt him before, it doesn’t feel like it used to be, it’s full of debts, full of self-blame, just like what I’m going through now, I don’t feel so worried anymore, no complaints, no accusations, I see it. Now, I let it go. Although there is still attachment in my heart, I don’t want to do things that will humiliate myself and delay others. I must cheer up and face my future with a brave mentality.

We can’t lose the courage to continue to pursue because of temporary pain. The world is fair. What you endure today is what others experienced yesterday. What others have today is what you need to work hard tomorrow. Never envy others. If you lose yourself, no matter what your fate is, the most important thing is always to rely on yourself. Instead of letting yourself down, it is better to work hard. No one will sympathize with your cowardice, only people will appreciate your strength.

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