No more tears to touch love

Once, when you said I cried, you would feel distressed, you wanted to see my smile, but do you know if I would cry when you said goodbye? Will you still feel bad if I cry?

Love is a two-way emotional communication, it is the admiration of two hearts, it is mutual affection, and it is the collision of soul and soul. If you don’t love me anymore, it’s useless to pursue me, because you don’t love me anymore, so you can say calmly and soberly: Let’s break up.

I don’t want to cry anymore, I try my best to control myself, tears can’t move love, tears are just self-inflicted humiliation. Even if I move you with tears, is this still love? Rather choose to believe that we really have reached the end of love.

This world is cruel and ruthless. Without anyone, the earth turns like the earth. Anyone without it will live the same life. Unless they really don’t want to live, no one can stop the way of life. So, I love you, but I also love myself, without you, I have to live as well.

I understand your heart, what you need and what you hate most. But you know it’s just a misunderstanding, but with your temperament, you know it’s wrong, and you won’t look back. I know this clearly and sadly, so you won’t even give me an apology, What are you afraid of?

It’s just a matter of fate. People are often like this. You don’t cherish what you get, and you feel valuable when you lose it. What place will I leave in your heart? Maybe one day you will suddenly remember that there was a silly woman who really loved you very much.

A woman will love a man 100%, but a man will leave a certain space to love. Therefore, men will constantly appear with different faces and confidants. For this, men will always have a kind of vanity. So, when one day a man says to a woman: You have to leave 30% to love yourself. And women cry, because it’s too late, women have already paid 100% for love, and what they paid can never be taken back.

Love is gone, but life continues. Love is a kind of responsibility, if you really love, please don’t give up easily, it will not only hurt others, but also hurt yourself. If you are not sure of fulfilling your promise to the future, then please don’t give me any promise, because I will take it seriously.

Happiness is proportional to sadness. I thank you for loving me, for the happiness you once brought me, and for giving me the opportunity to feel pain and regret. Because if I hadn’t loved you, I probably wouldn’t know what regret is, nor would I know that there is such an unforgettable pain in the world.

Where I have you is my heaven! Your departure took away my heaven and my fantasy of the future. From now on, I will start to face up to my life, face up to everything I have, I will take it seriously, and try my best to enjoy the rise and fall of the sun every day.

I love you the most, I gave up to fulfill what you want, so you must be happy too, just like the red text in space: “We must all be happy”

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