My happiness is just right

Marry love, then marry with a smile.

The most suitable for each other is not a hit-and-run at the beginning, but two people who are willing to become better for each other in the long years to come. There is no such thing as a match made in heaven, only by working hard to become the person who is suitable for us.

Some things always happen in a natural state, surprise us, let us remember. Good love is to find someone who likes each other for a lifetime, let him cry and make you laugh with you from joy to love, and share weal and woe together. From a small house to a big house, from a two-person world to a family of three, there is no earth-shattering, no grievances and hatreds, so they live a long and peaceful life. Meeting someone like this is like the warm sun in winter and the starlight in the dark night.

In the long future, many people are always confused when faced with the arrival of love, and they get lost halfway without knowing it, and my love to marriage is going around in circles, even if I go around in a circle, I still return to the other side. , turn around, you are still mine.

In life, whether it is to express a kind of love or gratitude to the person you love or to the person who loves me, I think there are many ways, not limited to a certain day or a special day, as long as there is love, we can pass the daily routine. Every day and every detail in life releases and transmits affection and love to each other. The love in life should be like a spring rain that moistens things silently, not like a summer rainstorm. We love every day of our life and everyone around us. Love should be like a trickle to warm the heart, and love should be like the warmth of a fire that fills the space of life. This is what life should be like in married life. Let love The fire that has changed is pure Qinghai withered and rotten.

When we overcome all obstacles to obtain the present happiness, we will be very grateful and grateful, grateful for how brave we used to be, and grateful that we were so persistent; no matter when and where we are, we can tacitly have a wonderful tacit understanding. Now no matter what you think, do or say, even through the woods and over the mountains, I know you won’t leave me! And you, after all, are mine, we still have to live a life together, from wife to wife.

The deepest love is always through trials and hardships, and the deepest love is sharing the warmth and cold, a cup of hot water when you have a cold, a quilt that has been washed and dried, a trivial quarrel, and a hug you can give when you are angry… Be romantic Fading away the affection, the warmth of the firewood, rice, oil and salt is the longest confession of affection. Our love needs to be committed and we need to stick to each other. We all cherish each other who came and never left. May the sunshine and you still be there when we are old and staggering.

The cohesion of marriage forms the crystal of our love

Our efforts are not for anything else, but for more choices in life in the future, choosing people who like each other to have a cloudy and comfortable life; happiness is often a surprise or overjoyed, when it is unexpectedly discovered that we have become parents unknowingly, This ecstatic joy is indescribable original intention. Seeing your joyful appearance made me instantly feel that our love and marriage have a new continuation, and soon we will become a family of three. The arrival of a new life allows us to take a step forward on the basis of the previous one. Step by step, gradually mature and rationally look at and choose problems. We will communicate with each other instead of being as casual as we were when we were alone. I will know more about taking care of this family. Home, love and affection.

After the joy, the arrival of Xiaobao makes a mother suddenly feel that joy and pain coexist, love is with home, vomiting during pregnancy makes people out of control, sometimes the sky is clear, sometimes cloudy and sunny, and slowly it begins My mother couldn’t bear this torment. She collapsed on an unbearable day, fainted and was hospitalized. I don’t want this joy to be bad because of my unbearable pain. So I have to endure the great pain and suffering. To meet this little life and be strong to endure a short period of suffering.

The emergence of a small life makes you tired and happy in your current work. No matter how hard and tiring the work is, you are still filled with happiness; many times, I suddenly think that it must be a special fate, Let us walk together and live a streamlined life for a long time, so that we can become a family along the way. It is the testimony of your consideration and love for me, and it is my inseparability and love for you. People who have loved with heart, even if they love like summer flowers, even if they are only Pinellia, they still feel willing.

I hope we can all be invincible, let today’s rain wash away yesterday’s worries, tomorrow’s sun dry our clothes today, and enjoy the treatment we deserve in life; we welcome the continuation of life for our family of three. This is a beautiful hope, a happiness that belongs to us, and this may be the most splendid scenery in ordinary life.

Finally, the sun dispelled all the haze, and brought us a great light. In this life, we will live our lives as we want to live our lives in a wonderful and brilliant way. May you and I still smile as always after the storm, and love and marriage are still as sincere as before.

A happy life is nothing but a feeling

My life is gradually on the right track in the days of marriage. Maybe we are still in this kind of happiness, so for life, mood should be the source of alleviating all hardships in life. There is no big reason. Living is a kind of mood. You can only live with a good mood. You don’t say tired when you are tired, and you don’t say bitterness when you are tired. Happiness, perhaps it is reflected in this “not to mention tired” and “not to say bitter”…

We are plain and warm every day. Life has firewood, rice, oil and salt, and you also have the troubles of work. When I heard you complain about the kind of mood at work, I realized it, because it is the same as life. What you need is mood, at least in life. What you feel is the four seasons emanating from the days, and you are satisfied with your current life; just like my cooking, you have no talent in your eyes, and gradually you can gradually find a touch of sweet and sour, and the manipulation of oil and salt is enough to make It’s hard to shovel a pot of fresh food, but you can still cook the dishes you love happily, even if the salty taste is full and it is dull. Still complacent.

Sometimes I am often tired, and occasionally my mood is impetuous. Sometimes I even feel emotionally trapped because I hear a song and put my mood into the song. In real life, I live a simple and happy life while playing. I don’t let any kind of trivial things mess with my emotions, and there won’t be too many miscellaneous things to mess up my mind, so sometimes life is busy and cumbersome, but my heart is not too tired. Life may not be a simple matter, there is not much smooth sailing, and there is not too much wishful thinking, and some may just be “hit against the wall” that can be encountered at any time…

Days, I found that it is really a mood, as shown in the song, there may be a bit of emotional reflection, but it is not entirely my own. After the emotion, I will still return to my days, nothing more than an old family. Small and family work, and everything, in the end, is nothing more than ‘mood’.

People sometimes accidentally enter the magic way of life in life, instilling negative desires in their hearts, leading to the rejection of life. That may be, after the hard work and hardships, the banknotes did not enter the pockets obediently; when trying hard to find a window to break through the career, the reality did not come true; when the body suffered from some illnesses that were indescribable; when the relatives went their separate ways after the accident Heaven and earth; only to find that tomorrow is still far away…;

Everything ………………

In the face of all kinds of doomsdays, it is inevitable that there will be hesitation and frustration, and it may be good to blame others, but it does not matter if you are a little emotional, you can come out in time after a negative emotion, try to adjust yourself, and don’t let the bad emotions last for a long time. The mood of the warriors affects the life that could have been happy and happy, then life is still as bright as new. It is very important to live your life, adjust your mentality, and maintain a good mood. No matter how difficult the setbacks are, there will always be times when the rain will pass, and all the complaints and anger will not solve any problems. To be as written in the book: Laughter is a positive attitude towards life.

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