Mind manipulation and women’s sexual shame

Women’s sense of shame towards sex has a long history, and women’s deep sense of shame towards sex and being molested by men is given by men, and women’s sense of shame can be said to be the subconscious consensus of human groups and a social Precipitated, because men are accustomed to seeing the world from their own perspective, and society is accustomed to seeing women from a male perspective, this is what we call a patriarchal society.

First of all, women don’t think their bodies are mysterious, and women don’t think other women’s bodies are mysterious. Even homosexuals are not curious about women’s ketone bodies that can’t trigger their own sexual impulses. Sex symbols are defined by men. Men usually classify women into categories, and they fantasize that women are extremely pure or too debauched. This is a way for them to find sexual pleasure. In fact, most women are just ordinary people. The understanding of sexual desire , and the sex lives spent are ordinary categories, they are not “angel-like pure” “or prostitute-like coquettish”.

But men tend to understand this way, people often put such things under the table, people will not discuss such things openly and honestly, but we can always see such things frequently in the distorted world and social news.

Slut shaming is the best way to shut up girls, like you claim, the world will unconditionally be on the strong side, we don’t care what happens, we choose the strong.

In this way, the girl has a sense of shame and fear of what happened to her, and she will not only be humiliated but also punished, simply because she is a woman.

Going back to the previous topic, I said that women’s sexual shame is defined by men, often because men have the right to speak and explain the relationship, and that this outrageous rule has been going on for about five thousand years. For example, if a man and a woman have a sexual relationship without marriage or love, society will think that the woman has been played with by a man, so that women have to go back and forth to suffer secondary harm in social public opinion, but men do not need it. Essentially because they defined the rule. They can also tamper with this rule at any time. The fact is that in the absence of pregnancy risks, there is no such thing as who is taking advantage of whom. But men often blame women for the guilt that this unreasonable sexual relationship lingers on. This is why many rapists stress after the crime that they were seduced. Give reasons such as the other party’s dress is too hot, or deny that you felt the reluctance of women at the time.

For women from better families, even Kochi, or wealthier women, mental manipulation is undoubtedly a better choice. Mental manipulation is not the same as ordinary emotional deception. Usually, the victim has to pay a higher price, or suffer perennial mental pain, so that the perpetrator will feel psychologically happy or gain some kind of benefit. This is the relationship between Fang Siqi and his teacher. The manipulator is often accompanied by a lack of conscience and a lack of moral sense. Therefore, when the manipulated person can’t feel their own pain and get empathy and understanding, or even the slightest sympathy, some will choose to leave, kill the other party, or commit suicide.

Mental manipulation makes it difficult to distinguish, because this kind of person suddenly does not let the person being manipulated focus on money or sex, although the real purpose is nothing more than these two, or other key social resources, But the mind controller usually confuses you, he doesn’t take my money, doesn’t seem to be only interested in my body, he even spends time and money for me, it must be love. The manipulated person usually wanders in the confusion of his true feelings. In fact the person being manipulated feels very painful inside, but she can’t express it, because the external image of the manipulator is usually perfect, teachers, elites, they are polite on the outside, good at pretending, but facing you, they will appear Abnormal behavior and image of his normal person. For example, violent, depressed, capricious, cold-blooded, or even childish or mature for their age. The mental state of the mental manipulator often cannot stand scrutiny, and can be divided into the categories of antisocial personality, cold-blooded mentality, and other abnormal psychology.

If you encounter mental manipulation, you must learn to recognize it and isolate it in time. At Fang Siqi’s age, it is difficult for her to identify such a meticulous mind controller. Even many adult Kochi women can’t do it. The only thing we can do is to believe in our own feelings. I feel pain and misfortune, then this People must be bad, what he says is nice, and what he does is hurting me, this is mind control, I am uncomfortable, and I have the right to stay away.

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